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Some of you might already know my opinion on toners, but just in case here it is again: I love the feeling of toners on the skin, but doubt that many actually do anything. I was lucky enough to find some that do seem to work, but I still stand by the claim that many don’t. For that reason, I was reluctant to get the Huxley Extract it Toner.

I love Huxley. I loved the brand ever since I first tried it back in September when I placed a huge order of their products in order to qualify for a Harvey Nichols gift with purchase. In that order I got nearly every product, but I avoided the toner. It was just too expensive for it to turn out to be just a nicely scented water. So I did not buy it, but I did receive a sample sized version of the Extract it Toner with the Harvey Nichols Spring 2019 Gift with Purchase.


Does the Huxley Extract It Toner actually work?

The toner is ultra mild and it feels incredibly nice on the skin. However, at first you might not notice anything else. It feels like some beautifully fragranced water.

The Huxley Extract it Toner has a mild fragrance similar to the one of the rest of the products from the brand. The fragrance is gorgeous really so I cannot complain. I am simply obsessed with the fragrance.

That is not all though.

With repeated use, I began to notice that my skin felt smoother and the texture did look slightly more refined. The effects were not anything out of the ordinary, well they were when compared to other toners, but not when compared to other skincare products. I was not impressed that is what I meant. I liked seeing the effects, but I was not “wow, I need this in my life” impressed. However, I did notice something interesting.

The toner acted a bit like an essence. For those of you who might not be familiar with essences, they help increase moisture retention so basically they help other products work better. That is definitely the case with the Huxley Extract It Toner. After using the toner, I noticed that my serum and my moisturiser seemed to be working better. My skin was incredibly dehydrated however it bounced back quite soon after I started using the toner and then some. With continued use, I noticed that my skin looked better just like when I used essences in the past.

So yes, I would say that the toner does indeed work. It is not a miracle worker by any means, but it is a pretty good toner if you want smooth skin and to increase moisture retention. For other toners that work, do check out this article.


Where can you buy Huxley Extract It Toner?


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