Cult Beauty USA Goody Bag Autumn 2019

*UPDATE: you can read all about the Summer 2020 Goody Bag here.

Yesterday, I was certain that the Cult Beauty Goody Bag was just around the corner and I am happy to say that I was right. I know, I know…but there is so much satisfaction in knowing that you were right about something. And especially when it comes to goody bags. Who does not love a good goody bag? I know I do, well when I do receive it that is.

Okay, that was a under the belt blow. I am over the whole Cult Beauty situation. Why? They recovered one of my lost parcels (more details soon).

Anyway, the point is that the Cult Beauty USA Goody Bag is here.

What does the Cult Beauty goody bag contain?

cult beauty.png

Above is the official list of the products included in the goody bag, as published by Cult Beauty.

As you can see, the goody bag contains 23 products, one of which is actually a gift card for further purchases at Cult Beauty.

How much is the Cult Beauty goody bag worth?

The total value of the bag is reported to be around £220.

What do you need to qualify for the goody bag?

In order to qualify for the USA Goody Bag, all you need to do is spend £140. That is quite easy to do. No worries here.

Is the USA goody bag worth it?

I know you are probably used to my answer by now and that answer is that it depends. On what? On whether you actually want to splurge on something and on whether you have products you want or need to purchase right away from Cult Beauty.

While I might have no tried all products form the goody bag, I have tried a few.

I tried the Malin+Goetz revitalising eye gel and I have to say that it failed to impress me. Another product that I tried and loved is the Sea Mud soap/cleanser from Erno Laszlo. This is such an iconic product and you need to try it at least once in your life.

In addition, I tried the Fresh Rose mask. This is such a hydrating mask, but I have to say that I am not very fond of the smell nor the rose particles that float around in the mask. It is not my cup of tea, but it is a good product and one that is perfect for everyone who loves natural beauty.

I also tried the Lime Crime liquid lipstick in Pumpkin. The lipstick is incredibly pigmented and it does not crack. It looks amazing to be honest but the colour is just not for me. However, it is perfect for the upcoming season.

I have not tried the rest of the products enough times (or at all) so I cannot comment. I am curious to try some of the them such as the LeLabo in Bergamonte and the avocado mask from Glow Recipe.

However, overall the USA Goody Bag fails to impress me. The value of the goody bag is not extraordinary either. There are some good products included, but there aren’t that many that I find appealing either. That might not be your case though.

Personally, I would get this goody bag only if I needed a pick me up present or if there were enough products that I really wanted/needed to buy right away from Cult Beauty. Otherwise, skip this one. The advent calendar season is right around the corner and the other goody bags from other brands will also follow.

Need some inspiration?

What do you think of the Cult Beauty Goody Bag?

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