Niche Beauty Festive Bag 2022 – worth £350

One more surprise from Niche Beauty before the holiday comes in the form of a beauty gift with purchase. The new beauty bag is entitled the Festive Bag and it promises to contain everything you need for the upcoming holiday season, from makeup to skincare, this set is sure to make you ready to party in style.

Find out more about the latest beauty gift with purchase, of the Niche Beauty Festive Bag below.

Niche Beauty Festive Bag 2022 contents

llies of Skin / Multi Acids & Retinoid Brightening Sleeping Facial / 50 ml / Original

Sweed / Lash Lift Mascara / 7,5 ml / Original

By Terry / Baume de Rose Tinted / 2,3 g / Original Travel Size

Pai Skincare / The Light Fantastic / 10 ml / Original Travel Sizw

Rodial / Bee Venom Jelly Eye Patches / 1 Stk. / Original Travel Size

Malin & Goetz / Dark Rum Candle / Original Travel Size / 67 g

MDO / Skin Rescue Sheet Mask / 1 Stk. / Travel Size

Dr. Barbara Sturm / Glow Drops / Travel Size / 3 ml

Kat Burki / Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream / Travel Size / 10 ml

Dr. Levy Switzerland / Eye Booster Concentrate / Travel Size / 7 ml

Iles Formula / 3 Step System / Travel Size / 1 Set

This Works / Deep Sleep Pillow Spray / Travel Size / 40 ml

Christophe Robin / Hydrating Cream Scrub with Aloe Vera / Travel Size / 40 ml

The NueCo / Forest Lungs EDP / Travel Size / 1 ml

Miller Harris / Myrica Muse EDP / Travel Size / 2 ml

Oversized green velvet clutch / Size: 35 x 15 x 15 cm

Price and Value

The Festive Bag from Niche Beauty can be yours for free when you spend £225 across beauty products from the brand, including advent calendars. The beauty bag is worth over £350.

However, you can also get the gift set as a product, so without a qualifying purchase, for just £107.


Before commenting on the products included in the Festive Bag, I see two options here. You either get the beauty bag as a product because you are interested in the products included inside or you get the beauty bag for free if you are interested in the advent calendar. The advent calendar from Niche Beauty is rather pricey so it is understandable that you might have hesitated, but it is sort of interesting.

Okay, there is always the third option, but in this case, it is not worth it in my honest opinion. The third option is to pick up some of the products you wished to pick up or get replacements for products you love and grab a goody bag for free on top of it. It is up to you of course, but personally, I would not jump for this bag alone and would try to maximize the value, especially as the Festive Bag value is not that high even if the bag itself is not half bad.

The Dr. Levy Switzerland Eye Booster Concentrate is perhaps my absolute favorite eye care product. I know that not everyone likes it, but I do believe that you should give it a try. The product is a gem, but as with every gem, an expensive one at that so this is the best way to give it a go. The serum did wonders for the thickness of my undereye skin and even smoothed out a few fine lines that I started getting in the past two years.

The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a product loved by many. Personally, I do not mind it, but do not love it either. The product is alright, but not my cup of tea. I know that others find it super relaxing and that it helps them sleep better.

Overall, this Festive Bag is a cute addition to one’s stash, but it is not something I believe people can not live without. If you are indeed on the lookout for a beauty gift or wish to pick up an advent calendar, then this makes complete sense. Otherwise, wait for the next one.

What do you think of the Festive Bag?

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  1. o

    I’ve had this mascara and I couldn’t use it well – it doesn’t have a brush but an applicator. My friend, however, said its her favourite mascara ever and is stashing backups 🙂 it seems to gain popularity now, I see it more often in different sets and gifts and calendars nowadays, so maybe for the best.

    1. Nana

      I haven’t tried it yet though I do have it in my stash as well. I did see it more often too but not the exact same in all though. Good to know that some found it great sorry that you could not use it tho. Hope all is well 😘

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