fabfitfun fall 2019

FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box

If you’ve read any of my previous articles on the FabFitFun box, then you know that I’ve been obsessed with this box for quite a while. For that reason, I was beyond excited to learn that the lifestyle box was finally available in the UK.

Here is everything you need to know about ordering from FabFitFun if you live in the UK.  Below, you can read the review of the second box I received, the FabFitFun fall 2019 box.

FanFitFun Fall 2019 Box Review

I have been looking forward to receiving the fall FabFitFun box ever since I got the summer one. I honestly wish they were a monthly box rather than a seasonal box. They are a great way to get your hands on American or foreign beauty brands that are not available in the UK. How great is that? I am obsessed with foreign beauty brands as I want to try all the products my friends rave about on IG that I do not have access to.

fabfitfun fall 2019

Once again my box contained 8 products which I am very happy about.

Since I am a seasonal member, I got the chance to choose 3 of the products included in the box. You can probably guess that I chose only the beauty options. I had been considering a scarf for one of the products, but then I decided to go for the mystery product. I was quite nervous to make that decision, but I am glad that I did as I ended up with a product that I have not seen before from Growth Alchemist.

The rest of the products that I chose include the NassifMD Detox pads and the Better Skin Co Love Magik. Other products that were included in the selection were a scarf, a cheese board, a hair tool from Amika and a few more. I was tempted to chose an additional add on for a fee, but then decided not to go down that route as I had already ordered quite a few things in the add on sale.

The add on sale is a sale taking place right before a seasonal box is released. those products are usually shipped together with your box (more onto that later).


The total value of my box is $226. This is significantly lower than the value of my summer box.  This is a bit dissipating, but I still got my money’s worth. I paid around $70 for my box and got several times that in terms of value.

However, the reason why I do love the box is because of all the products that I never got the chance to try before. In the box were included products from brands that I either wanted to try for a long while or from brands that I never heard about. The product I am most excited about is the one from Harper+Ari. The sugar cubes simply look amazing and they are also pretty cute. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to try these out as I have been following them on IG for very long now.


Overall, I am very happy with what I got in the box and I am even happy with the mystery choice. The one product that I am not excited about is the hair towel. However, all in all the fall edition of the FabFitFun box is a good one so I do not regret keeping my subscription.

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What do you think of the fall FabFitFun box?

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