Harper+Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

harper and ari juice cleanse sugar cubes from fabfitfun fall 2019

You know that I love a good scrub. Just think about how many I reviewed in the last few months! However, what you might not know is how much I wanted to try the sugar cubes from Harper+Ari.

The answer is a lot. That is how much I wanted to try Harper+Ari sugar cubes. Can you blame me? They are so cute!

Well, I finally got the chance to try them out and that is all due to the fact that a jar was included in the fall edition of the FabFitFun subscription box. Yay!

harper and ari juice cleanse sugar cubes from fabfitfun fall 2019


Harper+Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Cubes Review

At first sight

The first thing you notice about the Exfoliating Cubes from Harper+Ari is how cute they are, but also how nice the packaging is. While packing should not matter, it kinda does in certain cases, eg. if you are planning on gifting the product. And it does make an amazing gift!

The second thing you notice is the scent. The sugar cubes smell incredible! The sugar cubes smell like some kind of juice. For real! The scent is not sweet nor floral which helps in making the sugar cubes from Harper+Ari unisex. And the scent IS unisex. The actual notes include green apple, pineapple and kiwi.


How to use the Harper+Ari Sugar Cubes?

The sugar cubes are quite easy to use. I tried multiple ways and what I discovered is that the easiest way to use the cubes is at follows: you should place the cubes under running water and keep them there for a few seconds and then use them all over your body. That is the short story, but below is the long explanation.

Like I mentioned above, it is best that you get the cubes wet and keep them under running water until they soften a tiny bit, but not until they dissolve. You really don’t want that!

Once the cubes are a bit soft it is up to you whether you decide to break them in half or use them as they are. I would advice against breaking them in smaller pieces. You need to be able to hold them.

The next step is to rub the cube all over your body.

The idea with the cubes is to not smash them nor try to make them into a paste. If you soften them just enough then you are good to go.

harper and ari juice cleanse sugar cubes from fabfitfun fall 2019

Do the Harper+Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes work?

Yes, they do. I hoped that the cubes would be amazing (even if I cannot get my hands on an unlimited supply of them) and they are.

The sugar cubes left my skin feeling soft and helped me get rid of all the rough bits. However, I must say that the cubes do not leave my skin feeling hydrated at all. They actually leave my skin feeling quite dry. That is complete normal for most scrub, but I felt like I needed to mention it here just so you know what you are spending your money on. So in case you were looking for a scrub that does not strip your skin then this one from Harper+Ari might not be the product you are looking for.

Another thing I need to mention is that the Juice Cleanse Exfoliating sugar cubes are a bit rough on the skin so if you have sensitive skin, you might want to proceed with caution or maybe soften the cubes more.



Overall, I really enjoyed playing with Harper+Ari Juice Cleanser Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. If given the chance I would definitely buy some more cubes to play with. The brand offers a wide selection of such sugar cubes and I would love the opportunity to play with some of the others (I have my eyes on the peach ones).

However, while the Harper+Ari product is a great product, I cannot say that it is the best scrub out there. I am definitely not obsessed with it. The Sugar Cubes are cute and they are a beautiful product to include as a gift to someone special. So basically, the sugar cubes are like a novelty product and that is what makes them stand out. That equipped with the fact that the scrub is not half bad makes it worth purchasing at least once.


Where can you buy Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes?

and the Harper+Ari website .


What do you think of the Harper+Ari Sugar Cubes?


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