Grapeseed Oil Olay Daily Facials – Dry Cloths Makeup Remover

The Grapeseed Oil Olay Daily Facials Dry Cloths is a product that I purchased under false pretences. It was showcased in the new Boots from Covent Garden under false pretences really, but it was totally my fault for not taking the time to read the entire product description. I learnt a long ago not to rely on what a store has to say about a product. At least I thought so, but I guess not.

What are the Olay Daily Facials Dry Cloths?

The Olay Daily Facials Dry Cloths are the dry version of makeup wipes. There is not better way to describe them. However, if you are willing to listen to the long version of the answer then you will find out that these dry clothes are a bit more than your typical makeup wipe.

Each Dry Cloth from Olay is just as the name implies a piece cloth that aids in removing makeup. Each cloth requires water to be activated. So not as convenient as makeup wipes, right? Sure, but so much better (more about this below).

How does the Olay Daily Facials Makeup Remover work?

Like mentioned above, in order to use the Dry Cloths you need to activate them using water. Once you get the cloth wet you need to massage it between your fingers so that it begins to foam. You then need to run it all over your face, rinse the cloth and then run it all over your face again to remove the foam and any residual makeup.

It is much easier than it sounds!

Does the Olay Daily Facials Makeup Remover actually work?

It really does. Don’t be so surprised. Just kidding, I was just as surprised. However, the Dry Cloths from Olay work really well.

The dry cloths from Olay did a fantastic job in removing my make-up. My face felt almost like after using a liquid face cleanser, but perhaps not as dry.

However, I felt the need to use a toner after using the cloth. I felt like there was the need for something a bit more refreshing before moving onto serums and moisturiser.

What is the catch?

While I agree that the cloths are super easy to use and they are very convenient as well, especially while travelling, I do believe there are some drawbacks.

Just like with makeup wipes, you end up with a piece of cloth that you need to throw away. That does not seem very eco friendly and personally I did not see any mention of the cloth being made out of some eco friendly material such as a plant based one.

How do they compare with makeup wipes?

The Olay Dry Cloths are undoubtedly much, much better than makeup wipes. While they are a tad less convenient, they do feel closer to a proper facial cleanser. The skin feels cleanser


In conclusion, the Grapeseed Oil Olay Dry Cloths is an interesting product that is more than great for when you are on the move. I enjoyed using it and I will continue to use the cloths while travelling. They are so much better for your skin than makeup wipes, but whether they are better for the environment is questionable. However, I would not abuse the product nor use it while I have access to other cleansing products. I would not use it at home. With that being said, I would like to add that the product is not something extraordinary nor does it impress me, but it is good. The dry cloths do an amazing job at removing makeup and they leave my skin feeling very comfortable.

Where can you buy the Olay Grapeseed Oil Dry Cloths?

  • Boots
  • Sainsbury’s

What do you think of the Olay Dry Cloths? have you tried them? Would you try them?

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