skin research YouthPeptide day cream

Skin Research Youth Peptide Day Cream

Face cream, face creams? What about them, you might wonder. Choosing the right face cream is one of the most difficult things when it comes to skincare. At least, for me it is. There are so many out there and it is hard to choose, especially when knowing that most of them don’t really do much to your skin.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review the Skin Research Youth Peptide Day Cream, I could not pass. I was curious to see whether the high-end, research based product has what it takes to impress me.

Skin Research Youth Peptide Day Cream Review

The SkinResearch Youth Peptide Day Cream is a a face cream formulated to tackle and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Does it really work though? Read and find out. However, before that let’s talk about some of the more technical details, if we can call them that.

Key Ingredients

The Skin Research London Youth Peptide Day Cream is formulated using the following key ingredients: YouthPeptide, Argan Oil & Borago Oil and Allantoin & Hyaluronic Acid.

The YouthPeptide is a formed of highly purified HRGPs glycopeptides from soya. And according to the brand, this peptide is key in smoothing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to the YouthPeptide, the face cream also contains Argan Oil and Borago Oil. These oils are meant to nourishing the skin and they are also high in antioxidants so that they protect your skin against free radicals. Something to note here is that Borago Oil can flare up your fungal acne, if you suffer from this condition.

Then we have the Allantoin & Hyaluronic acid. These two ingredients help your skin increase and maintain hydration levels so that it looks plump and more youthful. Another thing to note is that Allantoin is an amazing ingredient for oily skin, but it also works well on sensitive skin. It is very useful at soothing and protecting your skin.

How to use the Skin Research YouthPeptide Day Cream

Apply in the morning after cleansing and after applying your serum.

My experience with the SkinResearch YouthPeptide Day Cream

Even though I received the YouthPeptide Day Face Cream around a month ago, I wanted to postpone writing this review until now so that I could properly trial the product. You know me, I refuse to review products until I can fully form an opinion and attempted to use it in various ways if the case might require/allow it.

So now, after trialling the day cream for more than three weeks, I am finally ready to tell you all about my experience with the product from Skin Research London.

The Face cream from Skin Research has a very interesting texture. This was the very first thing I noticed after pulling off the seal. The cream has a very light buttery feel to it which is pretty unlike any other face cream I used before. Just in case you were wondering.

However, enough chit chat, let’s talk about the most important aspects. Is the face cream any good?

Simply put, yes.

After using the face cream from Skin Research, my face looks more plump and glowing. A few minutes after applying the face cream, my face starts looking like after a long night of good sleep which let’s be honest, I rarely get.

So far, so good.

However, the YouthPeptide face cream does not only make my skin look more plump, but it actually improves the texture of my skin as well. The pores look slightly more refined and the few fine lines that I am starting to get, also looked considerably better.

So while the YouthPeptide is not a miracle solution to all your skin problems nor can it reverse ageing, it does help improve the texture of your skin and the overall appearance. That is good enough for me.

Just one more thing before you click away from this page. The very best thing about the cream is just how great it works on my oily skin. The cream feels a bit greasy at first and then it dries up matte. There is absolutely no greasy residue and it stays that way for several hours. You can no longer feel the cream on the skin which makes your makeup application flawless. And this is what makes me want to get another jar.

For those of you who are worried about fragrance, the cream has a very faint fragrance and herbal scent.

Other notes

While this section is not meant to impact your decision on whether to buy the produce or not, there are a few things I do want to mention.

While packaging should not matter much, I could not help but notice the cap of the jar. The cap looks pretty, however it has cheap feel to it which is disappointing given that the product wants to market itself as a high end one.

Furthermore, the label and the box are quite simple and don’t scream special which is a shame. They are pretty nice and while they offer you the right amount of information, they might make the product go unnoticed. Given how good the product is, this is truly a shame.



I believe I said enough throughout this review so my conclusion should be pretty clear, but here it is again. The YouthPeptide Day Cream from Skin Research London is a hidden gem that totally deserves a try. So if you are looking for more than just a face cream and one that works really well on oily skin then this one might just be it.

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*This article is not sponsored, but the product reviewed in this article is a PR sample. However, this does not impact the opinion of the reviewer.


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