Achieve great skin with Disciple Good Skin Face Oil

Disciple might be a brand that you do do not know much about. To be honest, I had not heard of their products either before I purchased them. Last summer, Cult Beauty introduced the brand and they had a pretty nice offer going on so I was like ‘why not try the products’, you know? I am so glad that I did and you should try them as well.

In this post, I am going to talk about the Good Skin Face Oil which is just one of the products that Disciple offers.

disciple skincare face oil good skin

As I said above, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first purchased the face oil. However, since I started using it, I have not stopped. I am sure that if you decide to give this oil a try, you won’t want to stop either.

I have a long history with face oils, but most are just so oily and they do not absorb properly into the skin so after a while I give up using them. That is not the case with Good Skin from Disciple. The Good Skin face oil from Disciple does absorb really well, not fully right away, but well enough that I do not mind. It is not necessarily a light weight oil, actually I would not call it light weight at all, but it absorbs almost like one and it feels like on on the skin. Hope this made sense!

But lets move on to the best part and to what I am sure you wanted to learn when you saw the name of this product. So does the Good Skin face oil from Disciple actually give you good skin? It kinda does! You know what? There is no kinda about it.

My skin has never looked better and I have not had as many irritated spots since I started using it. I have cystic acne around the chin area and even that did not flare up as often, since I started using the Good Skin face oil. Then again, the product was formulated with break-out prone skin in mind.

I love applying the Good Skin Face Oil directly onto the skin, but you can mix it with your moisturiser. I sometimes do mix it, but not that often. However, I would suggest against mixing it with your foundation. I do tend to mix oils in my foundations, but I did not like how this one reacted. It was not horrible or anything, but not great either. It does work well under foundation as part of your skincare routine. So no need to worry if you tend to use foundation. You can still apply the Good Skin face oil.

I could keep going on and on about it, but what matters most is that this product does indeed do what it says on the bottle. It left with me with clear and brighten skin which is my definition of good skin.

Ingredients: Cucumber seed oil, Turmeric oil, Rosemary oil, Geranium oil, Ashwagandha root oil, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Burdock root extract, Extra virgin olive oil (According to the Disciple Skincare website).

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