Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub

Just like last time, I am not going to get into the whole VS controversy. If the brand is not one you can support then skip this post. I hope you won’t stop following me though, but it is up to you and I understand.

Okay, so I am not sure about you, but I have a love hate relationship with body scrubs. I love them and my clogged pores need them badly, but I hate using them or better yet, I am too lazy to use them and especially to wash them off the floor of the shower or bath tub afterwards. For that reason, when I usually run out of a body scrub, it takes me a while to get a new one. However, just before Christmas, the Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub, a Victoria Secret Pink bestseller was on sale and I could not resist. My plan is to try the entire collection they came out with Charcoal, Coconut, Water and now Aloe Vera and this is just one step towards achieving that goal.

If you look online you will find a ton of positive reviews for the whole collection and the Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub is no exception. However, is it really that good?

Continue reading to find out.

This is not my first body scrub from Victoria Secret, but the Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub is definitely my favourite so far. Yes, I said it as I don’t want to beat around the bush after the huge and perhaps boring intro.

Why do I like the Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub so much?

Well, I love how the granules melt on the skin and how soft it leaves my skin feeling afterwards.

As you take it out of the jar, the scrub is black and pretty thick, but as you start rubbing it all over your skin, it starts to melt and turn into a grey-ish colour. It is definitely on the harsher side, but not the harshest scrub out there. If you have sensitive skin, then definitely skip this one.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 13.20.17.png

The Detox Charcoal Purifying Body Scrub does its job and does it well. It removes the dead skin, but it is not very hydrating. So if you are looking for a scrub that also hydrates, stay tune as I have another scrub review coming up soon.

Another reason why I like the scrub is because it does not have an overpowering fragrance. It does have a fragrance and it smells nice, but it is quite mild compared to other VS products. Furthermore, the scrub washes off fairly easy and it can also be removed with ease from the floor of the bathtub. You only need to rinse the bathtub and it will be left clean of the scrub. Plus, it does not leave the bathtub slippery.

Overall, I like the product and I would buy it again if I can find a great offer for it. I got it for a fiver so I would buy it again at that price. Normally it costs 15 GBP, but you can find it on offer usually at 2/£22.00 or 3/£27.00. I would definitely not spend 15 on a jar of this scrub. I would maybe spend 9 GBP on it, but even that is something I might need to think about.

If you are interested in reading about another product from this collection, you can read my review of the Coco Zen Body Lotion from VS Pink.

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