VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub

This is definitely not the post I was hoping to write next, but this gal here is pretty bad at scheduling post and keeping up with a content calendar. Hope you won’t mind too much to see yet another Victoria Secret post. I promise that the next one will be a review of a different brand, but not that I will never review VS again. I have amassed way too many products from the brand that need up be featured up here so that you can learn about some of the goodies I discovered as well as to avoid certain fails.

Okay, so not that long ago, I review yet another scrub from this Victoria Secret Pink body collection and I got the feeling that that specific scrub was not a hit with many of you. I totally get it as well. The Detox Scrub is not really something you can use that often, or at least I would not and it is not great for sensitive skin. The Coconut Oil Scrub that I am reviewing today is very different, despite being part of the same collection.

The VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub is made with coconut oil as the name suggests and it is perfect for everyday use. The VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub compared to the Detox scrub is much softer on the skin, it does remove dead skin, but it is not as harsh. For that reason you might want to try this one instead if you are not fond of harsher scrubs.

Personally, I prefer to use the Detox Scrub around once a week or once every two weeks and the VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub every second time I shower. I get really clogged pores so I need to remove the dead skin, especially from my upper leg area, but if you don’t then maybe use scrubs even less frequently. Do what works for you and what your body needs.


Going back to the VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub now… I have yet to mention some of the most important things about this scrub. This scrub is also fragranced, in case you were wondering. The fragrance is soft compared to many of the VS products, but it is still clearly there and the scrub smells like coconut. That should be pretty obvious, but just in case I decided to mention it as sometimes certain ingredients are covered by stronger scents. That is not the case here. However, it is a pretty bearable coconut smell. I used the word bearable as I usually cannot stand it. Sorry, not sorry! I honestly don’t do it on purpose, but my body just cannot handle the coconut smell in general.

The scrub is like I said before, very soft and has a certain glamorous and luxurious feel. It leaves my skin super soft and more hydrated than the Detox Scrub which is not meant to hydrate in the first place. So yes, the VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub leaves me with amazing skin.

The only drawback that I can find is that the scrub turns into an oily like substance and when you rinse it, it can make the shower floor quite slippery. It depends on your shower floor of course, but mine is very slippery and that is not okay. If that is your case as well, then I must warn you that you will need to properly clean the floor every single time to avoid accidents.

Overall, despite the small drawback, I love the VS Pink Scrub Down Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub. I love how it makes my skin feel and I would definitely buy it again and again. This is my favourite scrub from VS so far! (I have used way more than the ones I reviewed)



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