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As I mentioned on my Insta stories when the parcel from Skin City UK arrived, I feel like we tend to shop in the same stores over and over again. Especially when it comes to online stores. It is kinda scary to venture out our comfort zone, no? I am always a bit apprehensive to shop in a new place, especially one I never heard of. If it is a brick and mortar store fine, but online… What if it is a scam? There is always that thought lingering in the back of my mind. The only reason I usually shop in a new place is usually because there is one thing I want and cannot find anywhere else. That is not exactly what happened with Skin City, but close. Anyway, I want to share my experience with SkinCity now so that you know what to expect.

But first, what actually is Skin City?

Skin City is a Swedish online store with subsidiaries in several countries, a store that specialises in skincare. In fact, the store is like an online skincare clinic that means to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to skincare products. In addition to having a well curated collection of skincare products, they also carry a limited collection of makeup products.

Okay, but what makes SkinCity so special?

There are many reasons why the store is so amazing and packaging is just one of them. More about the packaging later. Let’s talk about the main reason first.

As I was saying, there are many reasons why I am so impressed by Skin City. However, the main reason why is because of the ease of selecting the perfect skincare products for your routine. The specialists at SkinCity ensured that all the information you need in selecting the perfect product for you is readily available and easy to understand. No more mumbo jambo. They showcase the important information at the top of each product page thus making your selection easy. Not only this, but they actually know what they are doing.

If this information is not enough, you can always discuss with one of their customer service representatives directly and they can advise you. This is what they do, so no reason to worry that you are going to get the wrong advice from a CS rep once again. This is not your typical store.

In addition to the advice and the amazing collection of effective products the store carries, they also place a great deal of effort in ensuring that the process is more than just a transaction, but an entire experience.

Each order is carefully wrapped and no unwanted and unneeded packaging is included. Talk about eco-friendly.

Each order is typically delivered for FREE. Yes, you read that right. The parcel also includes some beautiful tissue paper, a magazine (if available), a sample, a tote bag, makeup bag and a Kokeshi. However, if you want you can choose the minimal packaging which comes without the benefits mentioned above, but you can also opt for the paid gift neoprene bag.

Photo credit: Skin City UK

For those of you who might not be aware (I was not), a Kokeshi is a symbol of friendship and love in Japanese culture. This might seem like a gimmick or marketing ploy for many of you, but I think it is a cute addition and a nice gesture. The Kokeski are not always the same so in time you can build a small collection. However, you might not want to inform your SO of how you came to possess them if you tend to hide some of your purchases. Please don’t judge. There are many people out there that do this. I do this on occasion despite spending my own money.

Okay, I guess this is about it. This is what you are supposed to expect when shopping at SkinCity UK and in other countries as well actually.

But is it really like this?

It really is.

I placed my order one evening. I was looking for a specific product that was included in a gift set that I could not justify buying and wanted to see how much it would cost to buy and even if you could purchase it in the UK. Thus, I ended up on the Skin City UK website. Instead of said product, I found yet another advent calendar. Nope, not telling. You will have to wait as I will talk about that one soon. Plus, December is closer than I would like so the reviews will also follow. But it was an interesting purchase.

The parcel was delivered in less than 24 hours which I found impressive: I did not pay for any kind of fast shipping. It was part of the service.

I chose the signature wrapping, but due to the contents of my purchase it was slightly different than typical. The advent calendar already included a Kokeshi and bag so I did not get a second one. I did get a sample, a magazine and there was beautiful tissue paper hiding the contents of my purchase. The box did not contain unnecessary wrapping. I really appreciated that.

The quality of the product is also top notch. No complaints there.

Look, I was super impressed with the order and the service. The contents of my order are nothing to frown upon either. The quality is top notch. I have no idea why I did not know about Skin City UK before now, but I guarantee there are going to be many more orders in my future. I am in love 💜💜💜

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Have you ever ordered from Skin City?



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