goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub

Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub Review

I am back with another review. This is the 7th product from the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar and it is the Doctor’s Scrub from Goldfaden MD.

This is not the first product from Goldfaden that ended up in my possession, but it is the first one in full size that I ever gotten and surprisingly, also the first one I actually truly used. What did I think of this scrub? Let’s see…

Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub

Before I went onto the internet just now to begin writing this review, I would have said that this is a good product and that I enjoy using it. That much is true. While I do not recommend using it daily, I do love having it in my routine. Do I wish it were a chemical exfoliator or somehow gentler? Perhaps. What annoyed me just now is the claims on the official website. But let’s backtrack a bit and then we are going to discuss those claims.

The Doctor’s Scrub from Goldfaden at first sight meets all the requirements for it to be considered a somewhat luxury product. It comes in a derma medical like jar so nothing too exciting there, but still looks pretty and in line with the branding. When you open it, you can clearly see that the scrub uses incredibly small particles for the mechanical exfoliation which is always a good sign. The fragrance is minimal at best. Looks pretty, smells nice (barely any scent) and just looks elegant and expensive. It just has that vibe, you know?

Does it work? Yes, it does. Now it depends on what you are referring to as “work”. Does it do everything it claims it does or does it do what a scrub is supposed to be doing at its bare minimum?

The Doctor’s Scrub from Goldfaden MD helps remove dead skin particles. In doing so, it makes the skin smoother and softer and creates the perfect base for makeup. It will definitely make makeup look better as the skin is less flakey. I am not disputing that. Furthermore, the particles, as mentioned above, are incredibly small and they do not feel rough on the skin. You can still feel them, but they are okay in size and in roughness for most skin types. If you have sensitive skin, you might not like them as much or your skin might not appreciate them as much, Perhaps finding a way to try the product before making the investment is not that bad of an idea. I am not advocating for mechanical exfoliation here, but there is something so satisfying about it, at least there is to me, so every once in a while I do love using such products.

However, one thing I would not do is use this product on a daily basis. There is no way. This product despite being rather gentle is not gentle enough to be used daily, at least in my opinion it is not.

So we established that the scrub does a good job and removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking and feeling better than before use. So far so good. Honestly, this should be enough and for me it was. However, the official website claims that the product does more than just that which to me seems a bit too farfetched.

One such example is this claim “Works to reduce the appearance of pores and lines (Goldfaden MD Official Website, 2020)”. I know that there are people who claim that exfoliation improves cell-turnover which makes sense. However to me this claim reads as a bit more than just that. Furthermore, with exfoliation you clear away a layer of dead cells so other products work better – your cleanser does a better job, your serums might work harder and as such yes, your lines might look a bit better, emphasis on might and pores have a chance of improving their appearance. But it is other products that help achieve those benefits. This product may play a role, but it is not by itself that does all of that. It should more more clearly specified IMO. There are people out there and we have all been at one point or another in their shoes when we did not feel confident, when we wanted our skin to look better, we were in search of the next miracle product and claims such as this one can make us lose hope and faith in the beauty industry.

Don’t even get me started into the other claims which are supposedly made my people who have tested this product.

Look, I do not know why it irked me so much. I might be reading too much into it. The Doctor’s Scrub is actually good product and that is what makes this whole thing so irksome. There is no need for over the top claims here as this product should sell regardless. The claims just cheapen it. I am just one person, I get that and my skin is my skin. Yours is different and might react in a completely different manner. You might notice improvements that I did not. However this is my opinion and you make what you want of it.

So while I recommend this product, I do not recommend using it daily. Furthermore, I recommend the Doctor’s Scrub from Goldfaden MD as a scrub that removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smoother, softer and creates a better base for makeup, but I do not recommend it for more than just that. If for you it works as more than just a scrub, good, but in my opinion it should not be purchased for other reasons than that. With that being said, this is a good product and I am looking forward to try more from the brand. I am quite curious actually.

Where can you purchase the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub?

Have you tried this scrub before? Do you have any favourite products from Goldfaden MD?

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