Schmidt’s Roll On Deodorant in Rose+Vanilla

I am back with another review of a product included in the Oh My Cream beauty advent calendar and that is the review of the Schimdt’s Roll On Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla.

Given where I got this product from, the first thing you should know is that Schmidt creates natural deodorants. Some of you might know what this mean, while the rest of you are about to find out. At least in writing.

Basic stuff you need to know about natural deodorants

Natural deodorants are different from others in the sense that they do not contain any ingredients such as aluminium based compounds that block your perspiration glands temporarily. This does not mean they do not work, but they work differently.

However, you should note that if you have never used a natural deodorant before, you might go through a transition period. That is what I like to call the time between your first use of a natural deodorant and the time when it actually starts working properly. So be careful when you make the switch. That is all I am saying.

You undergo like a detox period and you might smell for a few days and feel like giving up on the deodorant because it is not working. That is not necessarily the case. There might be some that do not work, sure, however they do need time to start working if you’ve never used one before.

Okay, let’s talk about this particular deodorant now. If you have questions about the above, do let me know is a comment below or email me using the contact form. Feel free to reach out via Instagram if you prefer and will be happy to answer all your questions related to the topic.

Schmidt’s Roll On Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla Review

The deodorant from Schmidt’s, like other natural deodorants, was formulated without using any blocking compounds. Instead, the deodorant absorbs perspiration and eliminates smells due to the anti-bacterial action of magnesium. The product is easy to apply. It is a classic roll-on. Furthermore, the product does not leave any white marks nor is it sticky. I particularly like the fact that it feels sort of soothing to the skin which is great for those who suffer from razor burns. It calms the skin.

The addition of fragrances such as Vanilla and Rose in this case, act to further mask the bad smells throughout the day. You really want to pick a product that is fragranced for this reason. However, I am not sure whether Vanilla and Rose is a good combination. The deodorant has a pretty strong scent. The Vanilla seems pretty nice, but together with Rose it is not as great. I really do not want to use the word “awful”, but it is pretty close. That is quite a shame as the product itself is pretty good. However, do keep in mind that my opinion is based on personal use and I have been using natural deodorants for a few years now. if you are new, you need some adjusting time.

Look, about fragrance. People are different and they like different things. I am very particular about rose scents in general. There are only like 2-3 products that are rose scented that I like, out of 100s that I tried over the course of my life. The rest smell incredibly awful to me or are simply not suitable at all. You might even like this one and that is alright. Regardless of what I think of the fragrance, that does not make this a bad product. In fact, I found this deodorant to be quite good and would be willing to try some more, but with different fragrances.

I recommend giving Schmidt’s a try though, but perhaps try a different fragrance.

Where can you purchase Schmidt’s deodorants?

Have you ever used a natural deodorant? What did you think? Have you used anything else from this brand before?

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