Cult Beauty – The Luxe Beauty Gift with Purchase

Another day, another gift. Okay, not quite but this a beauty gift with purchase that I did expect and I was looking forward to. Lets see what Cult Beauty has in store for us now.

What does the Luxe Beauty gift with purchase from cult Beauty contain?

  • Dr Barbara Surm Calming Serum Drops – 10 ml, mini
  • Suqqu Moisture Serum Cream – 7g, deluxe size
  • Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask – 5ml, deluxe size
  • NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Do Me Baby’ – 1.8g, deluxe size
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder – 3.5g, mini
  • Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C – 5ml, deluxe size
  • Lovinah Dragon’s Blood Stem Cell Soothing Balm – 29ml, deluxe size
  • KORA Organics Turmenic Brightening & Exfoliating Mask – 10ml, deluxe size
  • Elemis Exotic Frangipani Manoi Shower Cream – 50ml, deluxe size
  • Pause Well Ageing Collagen Boosting Moisturiser – 5ml, deluxe size
  • Cult Beauty Travel Make-up Bag – medium size

How do you qualify for the Cult Beauty Luxe Edit Gift with Purchase?

Getting the gift is quite easy. All you need to do is spend £160 on products from Cult Beauty. The gift is already available and can be grabbed by introducing the code 20LUXEGIFT at checkout. The beauty gift is in pre-launch, however it is set to launch tomorrow to wider audiences so no code will be required.

How much is the beauty gift with purchase worth?

The Luxe Edit beauty gift is worth £205.


The beauty gift can be found exclusively at Cult Beauty here.


The first thing you should know and that might tell you everything you need to know is that even though I started writing this post the moment the email reached me, I stepped back and stopped for several hours. Okay, in all honestly, I was not feeling like myself either but that never stopped me before.

Sure, I am already disappointed by a gift with purchase and I still have my GWP money tied up, but that is not it. I like this Luxe Gift and yet I do not. When I look at the products included, they seem nice. I am quite familiar with most of them and they are good. No questions about that. However, this feels like a way to take advantage of those who just realised that maybe they should have gotten an advent calendar. I heard from many of my readers that as soon as I started opening mine they wished they had purchased one (you can still get some of them btw!) or for people who just need a cheer me up or an excuse to buy a few more things before Christmas. Sure, the reason behind it could be a bit more pure. Some people might be looking to place an order due to the fact that they are still missing Christmas Gifts. However to me, no matter the reason, it seems like CB is trying too hard this time around.

Despite the good products, this has to be the worst gift in terms of value that we have seen in years! When everyone is trying harder and harder it push sales at this time of the year, this gift seems like a bit of a let down despite the fact that the products are really good and they are perfect for the season. Small miracles! At least it seems like they put some thought into it. I am well aware that I am being b*tchy now. No need to mention it. However, despite the fact that I love my shopping and love deals, there are some things that are too much even for me. I do have my limits and this is one of them.

Look, if you really need to buy more stuff to give away as Christmas gifts, then okay. If you feel like this beauty gift with make up for all the crap you went through in these past (fill in with whatever), then okay (I have been there many, many times as you’ve seen in my monthly reports), but if not, then I do not recommend it. There will be others, either from CB or other department stores. There will always be more offers so don’t stress over this one. I am sorry, but this gift just fails to impress. You do not need to agree with me, but these are my honest, raw, unfiltered thought at the time of writing.

Grab age Luxe Edit Beauty Gift with Purchase here.

What do you think ogf this gift?

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