Surratt La Bâton Rouge in Quaintrelle

To be honest, this is one of the posts I am most excited to write, as Surratt is a brand I came to love ever since I tried my first product from them. Sadly, I do not get to try their products often as their prices are pretty steep and I would feel incredibly guilty!

This is not going to be a very long post as I do not really have that much to say. I mean what can you say? It is Surratt after all. They know their stuff and I believe they nailed it on this occasion as well. If you are obsessed with a Frencg Girl look then read on as this lip product is exactly what you need.


Surratt La Bâton Rouge in Quaintrelle Review

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The lip product from Surratt is super comfortable on the lips and provides you with incredible pigmentation. A little does goes a long way in this case so even though it might seem that there is not much product for the money, the lip product will last you a while.

Now that we got some of the specs of the product out of the way, I have to say that the lip colour does last a long time on the lips. However, the best part of it all and what made me fall in love with it is the powder side. Yes, this product comes with a creamy side which is almost like a lip pencil and a powder.

Let’s talk a bit about the powder.

The powder side makes your lips look matte, but without any of the usual cracks and uncomfortable feelings. Maybe that is just me, but matte lipsticks look horrible on me, so horrible that I threw out 90% of the ones that I had. This Surratt lip product gave me hope.

That is not to say that the creamy part is not amazing! I use the creamy side the most in fact and I love it. It slides effortlessly on my lips and makes them look nice.

As for the colour itself, Quaintrelle is a warm mauve maybe even a sort of burgundy and to me is the perfect alternative to a classic red, but also to a nude. So basically if you are into nudes, then this lipstick will add a bit of colour to your lips and if you are in love with red, then this will provide you with a more laid back shade that is just as effective. It is the perfect French Girl colour.

I want dot keep this a short review as there is honestly not much to say about this Baton Rouge from Surratt. Th product truly speaks for itself and it has only good things to say. The Baton Rouge lipstick looks beautiful on the lips, it looks elegant and yet seductive. This is also a versatile product and allow you to wear it as you see fit. You can use the creamy side only or the powder one. However, you can also use both for an enhanced effect. This is a super comfortable product with a moderate to long staying power. It will set you back a bit in terms of pricing, but you really get more product than you might think and a lot fo value for your money.

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Have you tried anything from Surratt that you loved?


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