Beauty Pie Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide microspheres serum

You know me. I am super excited to try new things, but I also hesitate from time to time. Every single product that I try is an investment and over the years I made some really bad ones. You try and you learn, right? Well, I do not want you to have to go through the same things so here I am here, reviewing yet another beauty product.

When it comes to Beauty Pie which is a brand that surprisingly many people still don’t know about (they should!), I was pretty worried about taking the plunge as I told you before. However, I quickly learnt that there is no reason for me to worry.

So far, I only told you about the Beauty Pie service and have yet to talk about any of the many products that I have used from them and continue to use. That is about to change.

So let’s talk about a product that I received in my first ever order form Beauty Pie last summer, the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide microspheres serum. What a mouthful!

What is the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide microspheres serum?

As the name implies, the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide microspheres serum are these littles spherical capsules filled with hyaluronic acid and biopeptides.

So basically the product is a serum that comes in little spherical capsules rather than as a liquid directly in a tube. You know what this means! It means that the product is absolutely perfect for on the go.

Why do you need the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide serum?

Well, one of the first reasons and probably the most obvious reason why you need this product is because it is really travel friendly. You can take the littles capsules with you while on the go and once you empty them, you just throw them out.

However, I am sure you care more about the reason why you should use the product in the first place.

So what do the ingredient do to your skin?

Well, let’s start with the hyaluronic acid. I am obsessed with hyaluronic acid, if I am being honest. That is what made me purchase this product in fact. Hyaluronic Acid helps plump your skin and it also improves moisture retention. My skin pores are less visible since I started using hyaluronic acid and the level of oiliness has decreased considerably. This means that I get to wear makeup for longer without the need to retouch or pat the oil away.

About biopeptides I don’t know as much, well not in skincare anyway so according to Beauty Pie these biopeptides help “prevent premature ageing of the skin by matrix metalloproteases”. It sounds good, right?

So does this product really work?

Is the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide serum effective?

The Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide serum made my skin look more plump for sure. The texture of the skin also improved while I used this product and the effect lasted a while afterwards as well.

This means that I cannot say the the product was not effective, because it obviously was. My skin looked amazing while I used this product.

What are the drawbacks of this product?

Like every product out there, there are bound to be some drawbacks. For me those drawbacks were pretty clear from the start.

The product contains 60 such capsules filled with serum. So you should be able to get 60 uses which is quite a lot for a serum. Normally I run out of a bottle after 45 or so uses. Yeah, the same thing happened here. There were many times when my skin needed more than just one capsule.

The other drawback is the jar the product comes in. Don’t get me wrong, the jar is super luxurious and thus it is also pretty heavy. But that weight is not something I want to carry around with me and the extra layer of glass at the bottom seems a bit excessive. I just don’t see why they could have not gotten away with a smaller jar. Plus, after you finish the product, you have no choice but to recycle it as the writing imprinted on the jar so there aren’t that many chances of repurposing it. At least, I did not find any. It is not something I wanna keep as a decorative item nor put some other things inside of it, you know?


Overall, I did love the Superactive capsules hyaluronic acid & biopeptide serum. I loved how easy ti was to break the capsules and how easily the product glided on my skin due to its satiny texture. The product simply feels amazing on the skin, it feels luxurious and it is also effective. The packaging is the main drawback and theft that I could not get away with using just one capsule most days thus required more product. So while I might not repurchase this product often for home use, I would still definitely get it for when on the move.

The product costs £50, of you can pay £10.06 if you sign up and become a member of Beauty Pie.

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Have you tried Beauty Pie before?


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