dear, Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

It’s been a long while since I last talked about a facial oil, if ever, now that I think about it. Chances are that I never actually fully reviewed a face oil like this before on this platform. The reason for that is simple. I dislike oils with a passion. No, I do not ignore them or anything because of the misconception that because I have oily skin I should not use any oils. That is, like I said, false. You should use facial oils even if you have oily skin. However, the reason I avoid them has more to do with the way they feel on my skin and how they usually do not absorb properly and end up on my pillow case. When the store I get my K-Beauty products from released this dear, Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop, I decided to give it a go as it sounded like it could be different. Was it?

dear, Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop Review

The first thing you notice about this product from dear, Klairs is the size. The bottle is a 50ml bottle rather an a 30ml which is pretty unusual. Then, as soon as I applied some products to my hand, I could tell that the product has a very different consistency than what one would expect to find when it comes to facial oils. I have to say that the product is aptly names. The Fundamental Watery Oil Drop is actually watery. This oil from dear, Klairs is incredibly lightweight. As you can imagine, I got super expected when I uncovered that the product was indeed different in terms of texture, I thought that maybe this could be the one I could use.

Was that really the case.

Hmm, no. The first time I applied the oil from dear, Klairs to my face I did not notice anything different. The texture might have been more lightweight, but on the skin it felt like any other oil. After getting excited, this was definitely a huge downer. I was beginning to think that this was yet another facial oil that will end up in the rubbish after sitting on my shelf unused for months. However, I kept on trying and yet, nothing changed until one day.

Okay, not this review is beginning to sound like a story or like I am applying the PIXAR marketing technique. I did not do it on purpose though! When I got this facial oil, I actually purchased a second product which I will tell you all about at a different date. The point is that the product was a facial mist. Since I was running out of ideas, I remembered that one of you told me that you always apply facial oils on wet skin so that is what I did as well. I gave it one last shot and it worked. I never would have thought to do that before. I only applied “stubborn” serums or moisturisers on wet skin before, but never oils. I guess part of me always assumed it would only make things worse, but it did not. Having wet skin only made the oil absorb faster and leaving it dry as in not greasy. I was finally able to experience this product and its effects the way they were intended to be experienced.

See? This is one of the reasons why I love so much coming on here and talking to you. There is so much we can learn from each other! I not only ended up not having to let another product go to waste, together with the money I spent to purchase it, but also got to experience a product that works. It does work.

The Fundamental Watery Oil Drop from dear, Klairs is really nice when it absorbs into the skin. The oil is hydrating and it leaves the skin looking dewy and healthy while also making it soft to the touch. This product went from one I was skeptical about, to one I had high hopes for to not liking it at all and now to not being able to go on without it. The last part is obviously an exaggeration, but now I do reach for this product almost daily and have plans to repurchase it when it comes back in stock.

Before you go though, I want to add that if you have the same issues as I did in regards to absorption, you do not necessarily have to apply a mist underneath, but you can apply other products as well. The idea is to have wet skin.

Overall, yes, I have to say that this oil from dear, Klairs is quite good and worth a try. It is different, it is effective and it is not super expensive. I recommend giving it a go.

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SoKo Glam


What you ever tried anything from dear, Klairs before? How do you feel about facial oils?

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