Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter

sol de janeiro lip butter box and tube

It is hard to be always looking for the best product in its category. You don’t always get it right, but chances are greater when you go for brands you know and love, right? Well that should be the case, but as you have probably seen in my last review, it is not.

Today I want to review the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter. The Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is part of the best collection Sol de Janeiro released so far. You might have already seen my review of the Bum Bum cream which is what started it all. That one is the OG product. So given my love for the rest of the collection, I was a bit apprehensive to get the Lip Butter. I don’t think my heart could have handled the disappointment.

Dramatic much? Totally.

Let’s stop beating around the bush and discuss what the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is all about.

Sol de Janeiro Brazil Kiss Lip Butter Review

sol de janeiro lip butter

The moment I took the product out the box, I knew it was different. There was no way not to notice the obvious. The Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter tube was huge. I mean, the tube is probably twice the size in diameter than that of most lip balms I own. It is significantly larger than that of a lipstick as well.


That was honestly my first impression. I was certain that the diameter of the tube would simply not work with my pretty thin lips. I not only do not want to have product all around my lips, but more than just that, I hate wasting product.

That is not the case though.

Surprisingly, despite the diameter of the tube, you can get the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter spread out evenly and only where it is supposed to go. What a relief, right?

sol de janeiro lip butter

However, the disappointment come later when I discovered that the tube was not filled with product. In fact, there is only around 1cm of product inside. I know that this is due to the larger than regular diameter of the tube, but it was still disappointing. Once I tried the product on, I knew I wanted more.

As I was saying, once I tried the product on, I knew I wanted more. In fact, now the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter from Sol de Janeiro is one of my to-go-to lip products.

The Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter smells amazing. The product smells pretty much as great as the Bum Bum cream does. The one slightly disappoint bit is that it does not taste as good. I am not saying that you should eat it of course, but if you tend to wet your lips and whatnot, chances are that some of the product will end up on you tongue. The Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is not the best tasting lip product, but that is okay.

The texture of the product is also pretty different. The lip butter is not very creamy. That is what one usually expects from a lip butter or is it just me? It is not unpleasant, just different. You get used to it and I feel like the texture also aids in preventing you from using too much product at once. So that is definitely a good thing.

Now let’s talk about effectiveness. I believe this is what you care about the most at the end of the day. Well, I am happy to report that the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter makes my lips as soft as they feel after crying. I don’t want to make a negative connection here, but there is no other thing I can compare it to.

It is simple as that. The Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is a great smelling, okay tasting and highly effective lip product. Sure, there are some minor drawbacks and it definitely did not manage to take up the number one place in my heart when it comes to either lip products or products from this collection from Sol de Janeiro, but it was indeed a pretty good investment. I do not regret buying the Lip Butter. Not one bit.

Would I buy the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter again? That is a good question. I believe that I would. It might not be the first product on my list of products that I want to buy, but I would definitely buy it from Space.NK, Harvey Nichols or maybe even Cult Beauty during one of their gift with purchases goody bags. I am not sure that I would run to get it again at full price though if I did not have an incentive. Well, not anytime soon as least and I am not saying this only because I have some product left.

However, I want to stress once again that the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is a good product and that I have no regrets whatsoever in making the investment.

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  1. I wanted to grab this, but the size threw me off and I’m super picky with lip balms. I just found one from First Aid Beauty I really like, so I’ll just stick to that for now. I’m currently using the Bum Bum cream though, and it’s pretty nice so far!

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