Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Strenghtening and Smoothing Shampoo

sol de janeiro brazilian joia shampoo

It took me ages to get my hands on the Brazilian Joia Shampoo from Sol de Janeiro, but I finally did it and as always, I have thoughts.

You know that I am absolutely obsessed with the Cheirosa range from Sol de Janeiro, yes, even after all this time (I really did not intent for it to come out this way!). I loved the range since I first discovered it in the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar back in 2017 and have been getting all the products and repurchasing some of them ever since. Sometimes, case in point, took me longer than intended, but still, the products did make their way into my stash in the end. However, was the wait worth it? Is the Brazilian Joia on par with the rest of the range?

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Shampoo Review

As mentioned above, I wanted the Brazilian Joia Shampoo before it even launched in stores. The moment that Sol de Janeiro announced the launch, I knew I had to have the shampoo as nothing seemed better than the idea of carrying the fragrance that I so love in my hair where I could get a sniff each time the wind blew my way. But did that happen?

The Brazilian Joia Shampoo has a very strong fragrance, too strong in fact. The scent is very similar to the one we are used to find in the Bum Bum Cream, Brazilian Touch Hand Cream or even the Brazilian 4Play Shower Cream. However, in this shampoo, the note that makes the range so distinctive and so amazing is overpowering all the others thus making the fragrance as a whole a bit unbalanced. I did not particularly mind that, however it was different and not as expected. I wanted the classic scent.

A good shampoo is not about the fragrance, it is about its effectiveness as, well, a shampoo. Does it work, does it do a good job cleansing your hair?

Well, I would say that yes. The Brazilian Joia is quite effective at cleansing. but I do have to add that it is not my absolute favourite shampoo. It ranks quite high on that list though. So yes, it works.

I have fine hair and I was worried that this shampoo would make my fine hair super soft due to its moisturising abilities. Surprisingly, it leaves my hair looking glossy, smooth and soft, but not flat. That is a rare. I wanted to say new, but I have another shampoo that does the same so… another story, for another time.

Overall, despite some unexpected surprises such as the fragrance , I liked this shampoo. I am not sure whether this is on my list of items to repurchase anytime soon unlike some of the products from the same range, but I am willing to give it another go in the future.

Where can you purchase the Brazilian Joia Shampoo from?

Have you tried the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Shampoo?

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