This is why you need to cleanse your hair using oil based products

Do you remember when you used to be horrified at the idea of introducing oil in your beauty regime? I do, vividly. The idea of using oil was something that I refused to entertain. I mean with my oily complexion and even oilier scalp, why would I need more oil, right?


Times have changed and since then we have all seen just how beneficial oils can be when used properly. At the end of the day, oil attracts oils (gotta love science) and thus, using oil in your beauty routine can actually help you get rid of that pesky natural occurring oil. Yeah, even though I am a trained scientist, it took me a while until I was convinced. Oils, eww *shakes her head.

To be honest, I am still not in love with the idea of oils. I mean the texture is just gross, but I have come to realise its benefits and what amazing things it can do to one’s skin. And speaking about one such benefit, my favourite benefit is the one that oil offers to one’s scalp. Yes, you read that right.

While I am still reluctant at times to use oil on my face, (I do, but I am not that happy about it), I gladly use it on my hair. Why? Because my hair has never looked better and cleaner than it does since I started using oil on it. Not only that, but I can now go longer in between washes which is pretty amazing for someone with an oily scalp.

There, I said it. The ability to go longer in between washes is where the magic of oil hair cleansing lies. It is as simple as that.

Stay tuned for some products that make the entire process easier. However, before that, let’s talk basics.

How does oil cleansing actually work?

Well, it truly depends on what kind of hair products you are using. If you are using a shampoo with oil then it is super easy. You just need to do what you usually do. However if you are using a hail oil cleanser, then you just need to apply the cleanser, rinse and then shampoo your hair the normal way. Of course, this might defer based on your products and their instructions, but this is the idea. Not that difficult, right?

So while using an oil cleanser might involve some extra steps, it does not make the process that much more difficult. However, what counts are the results. I would much rather spend 3-5 extra minutes in the shower washing my hair then having to go through the entire process more times. And before you ask, yes it does work better than double washing.

Overall, this is exactly why you need to introduce oil cleansing products into your hair care routine. Say goodbye to frequent washes and start enjoying your extra time.


Have you ever tried hair oil cleansing?


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


  1. Oliwia

    Hi Nana, thanks for the post! I’ve been using oil to nourish my hair so I would apply it not at the roots but good many centimeters below. I’ve never heard of hair oil cleansing, though. Are there any particular products you recommend?

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