Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies

Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies Polish Review

Are you looking to give your girls a boost? Well, at least that is what today’s product is supposed to be doing. Today I wanted to talk to you about the Acai Your Boobies Polish from Truly Beauty, but before that, let’s talk a tiny bit about Truly Beauty first. 

What is Truly Beauty?

Truly Beauty is an American beauty retailer that is perhaps the most remarkable and most relatable player on the market that combines natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology to give you health, sustainability & performance. They truly (no pun intended) take clean & vegan beauty to the next level and make it way less boring. 

The Truly Beauty social media brand has managed to create a unique and engaging platform, which showcases relatable issues that so many people struggle with. Their products are effective according to the company’s claims (it would have been weird had they claimed otherwise); however, it remains to be seen if the products live up to the expectations or not! Regardless though – what impressed me about the brand before even trying their products is that it made me feel seen by showcasing real women with real bodies on their feed. Some of the results shown are a tad too good to be true, but I am willing to give them a shot, and that is precisely what I have been doing. 

If at least part of their products impress me as much as their social media game, then we are onto the right track, I would say. 

Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies mousse like texture
Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies Mousse like Texture. Credit: BlushSuede

Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies Polish  

The Acai Your Boobies Polish is unlike any other body polish I have ever tried before. Not only does the product come in the smallest glass jar I have ever seen used for a body polish, but the texture is also pretty different.

The polish created by Truly Beauty specifically for your “girls” has a mousse-like texture that is incredibly nice to touch as well as super gentle on the skin. It does not really feel like body polish at all. The bead-like particles included for the polish effect are very sparse and are not even remotely harsh. Safe to say that it is not what I had been expecting from this product, but I was pleasantly surprised. I truly did not expect to like this weird texture, especially not in a body polish, but I did. In fact, I can even say that I loved it. 

Now, the scent. The scent is also pretty incredible. While the fragrance is fruity and a bit sweet, it feels natural and not at all cheap. The product smells like berries, I guess you could say. Good job, Truly Beauty! 

If you are still reading because the product caught your attention, you’ll be impressed with the ingredients! The Acai Your Boobies Polish from Truly Beauty has been formulated with Retinol. Retinol as you probably know already, is an ingredient that helps promote cell turnover and can help keep wrinkles or discoloration away. In addition to this magical ingredient, the product also contains acai berry extract, which is an excellent antioxidant and can protect your skin against free radicals. 

Do I recommend this body polish? I honestly do not know how to answer that. Personally, I liked the product. I enjoyed the feel of the Acai Your Boobies Polish and the fragrance alike, but I am a bit uncertain as to what it did to my skin. I can maybe say that the skin feels more nourished and that the texture has improved slightly. The stretch marks around the bust seem to have sort of improved. I know that you are inclined not to believe me. Trust me, I would not have believed myself either had I not seen it first hand. It sounds somewhat crazy as I say it out loud, but there is something to this polish that might just make it worth trying out.

Price-wise, the product ain’t cheap. However, I do not think it is that expensive either. It is pricy for a body polish, especially given its petite size, but the product does last around a month, or 8-10 uses, so that is something. Also, if you live in the US or are willing to give international shipping a go (yes, the brand delivers), you might just get a better deal than if you were to get the products somewhere else. The retailer has bundles upon bundles which make it worth your money. 

Overall, while there are aspects I am not entirely sure about as they seem a tad outlandish, in the end, you know what? I do recommend giving this product a go. If you’ve never tried Truly before, I am unsure whether this is the best introduction to the brand, but the product does have something about it. 

Where can you shop for Truly Beauty products?

Have you ever tried Truly Beauty before? Any recommendations?

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      1. AmandaSushma

        I’ve never tried Truly Beauty before, their prices deterred me and I haven’t seen too much buzz about their products. But I’ll start researching some more about them now πŸ˜„

  1. O

    It’s in sephora here so easily accessible, will wait for the post Christmas sale, hopefully the brand will be on sale, if not I’ll just splurge for this particular product, never tried anything like it

    1. Nana

      Yes, I got it in Sephora as well. Too bad that the brand does not offer tax inclusive shipping options though as the range is superior to what we can find locally plus the deals are way better! Sadly I have yet to see the brand included in any of the sales locally, but who knows? You might’ve better luck than me πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!

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