milky tissue mask garnier

Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask

I have a love-hate relationship with tissue masks. I admit to that and this is not the first time I mentioned it so you probably already know. However, I felt the need to include this bit of information for those who have not been following me for that long.

Tissue Masks are expensive, are rarely a good fit, however they usually work and the results are not something to frown upon. So I keep on trying which is why I picked up this cute Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask.

milky tissue mask garnier

Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen the Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask from Garnier before I picked it up. I wonder whether it is a new launch or I simply went so long without noticing it. However, the moment I spot it, I knew I had to try it. I was intrigued about the idea of a milky tissue mask and was curious what it actually meant.

The Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask, unlike the regular tissue mask, is not infused with a serum like product, but with a lotion like one. The sheet mask feels as if it is infused with a more liquid cream, which is so weird!

Does this mean that the tissue mask from Garnier is different? How does it differ?

Yes! The Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Masks from Garnier is actually pretty different which can be noticed from when you first get it out of the pouch. The fabric/material of the mask is similar, but the substance it is infused with is different as explained above. Furthermore, the main difference between this mask and the regular tissue masks is that this mask does not feel as wet or cold while on the face and to top it all, it does not drip much either. It is so much more pleasant than a serum infused mask.

I really loved how the Garnier mask felt on the skin. But of course there are issues or maybe I am overthinking everything. I have high expectations from my products, so what? This tissue mask has a great size and it if easy to unfold, but the gaps for the eyes could be slightly bigger. No, I did not get product in my eyes due to the fact that it was not as runny, but I had to be careful and have a dry tissue around to remove some of the excess so that the skincare infusion would not get into my eyes.

That is not that big of a deal, but recently I have found masks that are a good fit, so it is possible. However, this might be more of a personal thing. I am big headed!

Is the mask from Garnier efficient though? My skin looks better nourished and more plump. I love the overall look and feel of my skin. That is definitely due to all the hyaluronic acid! I love me some HA.

However, I have oily skin. This mask works, but it is a bit much. I mean, I would not go apply makeup after removing the mask. I feel like washing my face rather. It is simply too much. While other masks prep my skin and create a great base for makeup application, this is not it. It might work better for those of you with dry skin though.

Overall, my skin feels great, more nourished and more comforted, but the mask might not work so well for those with oily skin. The concept though, is amazing and I hope I find another milky mask, but one that works for my skint type. Generally though, this product was a pleasant surprise.

milky tissue mask garnier

Where can you buy the Garnier Milky Tissue Mask?

Have you tried any of the milky tissue masks from Garnier? How do you feel about tissue masks in general?

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