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LookFantastic Limited Edition Box – The Science of Beauty

It has been a while, a while since I have talked to you via this platform, but also since I got something from LookFantastic. I cannot believe that I have not purchased anything via the website for more than one year! However, I saw this Science of Beauty limited edition box and I just had to get it, especially since I regretted missing out on some great offers involving one of my favourite and super expensive skincare brands that is also available in this box. It was also a good opportunity to place an order on a “local” LookFantastic website. There is nothing local about it btw, but whatever. As long as my order is delivered from somewhere in the EU, I don’t care.

Okay, so what does the LookFantastic Science of Beauty Box contains? See below.

Science of Beauty Box Contents

  • Avant PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist
  • Neom Real Luxury Fragrance
  • Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera
  • Medik8 Hydr8 B5
  • Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask
  • Molton Brown Body Wash and Body Lotion Vetiver & Grapefruit

Price and Value

In case this box is of interest and you can still find it on your local LookFantastic website, I just wanted to add that the box is worth over €240 and I paid around €70 for it. That is not so bad, in fact, it is pretty good.

Science of Beauty Box Review

For the first time in a long time, I can actually review the beauty box I am telling you about. It has really been quite some time since I talked about a launch while it was still fresh.

As I mentioned in the intro, I was not super sure whether to get this box or not. I wanted it, but I also did not want to spend more money on beauty products since I had just been packing some of my beauty products to take with me and got reminded about just how many I own. (I still hope I do not need to leave anytime soon, but I might just have to go to a client to finish a project…) Anyway, I have too many products already and I most likely do not need any more. However, I spotted the Avant Skincare Mist and I wanted to try it. I love this little brand that not many people seem to be talking about and I missed out on some impressive offers a while back (by choice), and I regretted it afterwards as I fell even more in love with the brand and it is so expensive!

I am not a fan of mists, but since the brand has yet to disappoint I decided to go for it and so far I do not regret it. The review will follow once I get to try the product more.

As for the rest of the items, I cannot say that I am disappointed either. I love Cristophe Robin, however I have no tried many of the brand’s items as I could not bring myself to buy them when In Sephora. Unless there is a gift with purchase, I cannot really bring myself to purchase some expensive item. I feel way to guilty at the simple idea of buying some expensive item when I could get several instead. I have yet to try the mask (hopefully tonight) but I do have high hopes for it.

The Neom De-Stress Candle is gorgeous and perfect given the decor in my flat. My mom has been on my case for quite some time and tried to get me to get some candles or something for the empty flat that I rented (more about this soon on my brand new personal blog – The Adulting Test – launching soon). The candle is full sized as well as the products previously mentioned. It is pretty, but not sure about the fragrance. I heard only good things, but I haven’t really gotten along with these whole de-stress oils and candles from Neom or those from other brands that have a similar offering. I am keeping it though and we will see. My first sniff did not impress me, but the second made me want to give it a shot. I am still unsure about the candle though.

Nex, there is a Magicstripes Magnetic Mask which I honestly do not know anything about. I really have no idea what the mask is all about. Looking forward to trying it out and sharing my opinion with you.

Then we also have a hydrating serum from Medik8. This is also a brand that I have not tried much from, but heard quite some good things. Fun fact, this brand is the reason why I found the SkinCity Beauty advent calendar. I was looking for Medik8 stockists when I ended up on SkinCity UK and the calendar was the first thing I saw. Haven’t looked back since! Really excited to try this one!

All of these products were full sized, but we also have two deluxe sized products from Molton Brown. I love Molton Brown. Their products are super luxurious. However, I am not sure about these exact two. The scent is not my cup of tea, but am willing to give them a try as the brand surprised me in the past. I am also curious to try the body lotion as I haven’t tried any of the body lotions before. I focused on shower gels and home fragrance.

While I cannot give you details about each product right now as I have not used them, the first impressions were good. They could have been better in some cases, but there is nothing inside this box that truly disappointed me at first sight/sniff/whatever.

I am happy that I got the Science of Beauty Box and if you can still find it, I recommend you give it a try as well.

Where can you purchase the Science of Beauty Box from?

Look Fantastic RO

Look Fantastic ES

LookFantastic DE

What do you think of the Science of Beauty Look Fantastic Box?

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