Clarisonic is shutting down

As L’Oreal decided to focus more on its core business in these challenging times, Clarisonic will close its doors and shut down permanently September 30th 2020.

This might come as a shock and the news might not be received well by its numerous fans, however as a thank you, the brand is currently offering its products at 50% of their price.

So if you have yet to try the brand and have always wanted one of their devices, now is the time to get yourself one. Also, for those of you who have already invested a fortune in a Clarisonic device, this is the last opportunity you will have to build up your brush head inventory.

Those who have yet to purchase one of the devices might wonder why they should even bother. Well, not only the prices are more okay than ever before, but like those who already have one such device, you can get multiple brush heads so that they last you a while, enough fo warrant the purchase. It is not an ideal situation, but you still have this last opportunity to see whether the device is as wonderful as many bloggers have claimed over the years and whether the obsession with this device is worth the hype.

Personally, I always wanted the device, especially one with the brush head that Tati Westbrook used in her many videos to apply foundation. The brush sadly became available in the UK quite a while later and I never got around to buying it.. I wish I had though… It was hard to come by as it seemed that everyone wanted it as well. So Clarisonic does not work only as a face cleansing device, but it does provide additional perks if you switch the brush heads.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I never got my own device, so I cannot comment on the quality. I wanted to share this post with you because this is a great offer, but mostly for those of you who are already part of the Clarisonic ecosystem. Not everyone was aware of the brand shutting down so hopefully this news will reach more people. I really do not want for any of you to miss out or regret not knowing to get more brush heads while still available.

You can grab you very own device or build up your stock on the official Clarisonic website here (not affiliate).

Are you a fan of Clarisonic?

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