Best Advent Calendar of 2019 – final Thoughts

I promised you this article a while back, however I could not bring myself to write it. It was so hard to decide which advent calendar from 2019 was the best one as all had something about them as otherwise I would have not purchased them. Yes, so there are no questions about this, I paid for every single of the 14 beauty advent calendars that I got last year. None of them were gifted to me, as I made sure to mention in the reviews when I posted them months ago.

However, as always, no every single one of the calendars was as great. Plus, not everyone wants to purchase every single calendar on the market so for that reason, I decided to share my thoughts on all the calendars that I got last year. Maybe these final reviews will give you an idea of what to expect in 2020 and what to look out for so that you do not miss out on the most amazing ones.

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 

cult beauty advent calendar

This was a cute calendar with a beautiful design. I might be biased as the calendar fits in with the decor in my room perfectly. My hydrangea wallpaper has the exact same colours, the books I placed on either side of the calendar also match. However, the design is not what really counts here. Also, the box itself is so small that it is hard to reuse, but anyway…The calendar itself was simply an over glorified goody bag. It showed exactly what the Cult Beauty goody bags should be like and reminded us of what they used to be to some extent. Those who went for the consolation goody bag ( a goody bag that Cult Beauty released because of the incredibly limited number of calendars that sold out in record time) probably got a better deal.

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Sephora Christmas Favourites Beauty  Advent Calendar 

Sephora Christmas favourites advent calendar 2019

The Sephora calendar might have not caught your attention. Having it imported from a different country does that to a person. The process was simple though. The calendar was super affordable and filled with incredibly usable pieces. It covered a variety of products and there was a bit for everyone. It was filled with exactly the things you might pick up in a Sephora or any beauty shop really.

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SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 

This calendar from SkinCity was a surprise. I did not even know the brand which might be why I  was so excited. However, it paid off. The calendar was full of skincare products from research based, some nearly medical grade brands. It was full of things everyone needs to try or built up to and yet reluctant to invest in. I feel like going for the products included in the calendar is a turning point in someone’s routine. The moment you try the products and become more invested in the brands included you start to say goodbye to drugstore stuff. For some, it can be a truly transformative experience. The fact that the products were great did not hurt.

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Boots No7 Advent Calendar 

boots no7 beauty advent calendar

This is a hard one. The No7 advent calendar was simply a discovery box. The products were okay and it is great to get to try Boots’ famous lime, but some products were not practical despite being designed to be. The vouchers that can only be used in store were an interesting approach, but not everyone can get to a store… nothing too exciting overall. Quite disappointing and something I do not see myself purchasing ever again. 

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Fortnum and Mason Beauty Advent Calendar 

This calendar had the highest value so you definitely got your money’s worth. This was a beautiful mix of wellness and beauty. The brands included stood out for their more natural approach to beauty. The fragrances of the products included were incredibly nice and reminiscent of nature – plants, woods etc.

This was really a special calendar and despite falling in the same category as some of the others, it still managed to differentiate itself. 

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Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar 

This was my second time purchasing the calendar and to be honest, nothing changed despite the years in between the two purchases. The items included are super luxurious but they come in really small sizes. There is just something about it that does not inspire me and makes me feel like I wasted a small fortune. 

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Glossy Box Beauty Advent Calendar 

Glossy Box Advent Calendar box

Now this is a difficult one. The calendar itself was quite surprising. The items included were from brands I never came across and those items were actually the best ones. On top of that, we also had products from brands we would expected to find in the subscription boxes from Glossy Box. However, overall despite the fact that the calendar was quite good, it made me think of a subscription box that was actually worth the money. It clearly shows that Glossy Box knows how to pick good items which begs the question why don’t they when it comes to their monthly boxes. 

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Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 

marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar

The Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar is basically the same as every single year. Some items might have been switched as new brands have launched at Marks and Spencer Beauty. Also new product launches definitely impacted the contents of the calendar. But it still has the same feel to it. Despite it being quite similar to previous editions, this calendar is always worth it as far as I found. This one is iconic in a way but it makes sense only if you shop at Marks and Spencer so that you can get it for less. 

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Liberty Other Advent Calendar 

liberty other advent calendar

This calendar was more of a lifestyle one and hinted heavily that it would be more suitable for men. I consider it to be a couples calendar as the most impressive pieces here were actually unisex. Also, some of the others can be easily used by women as well. However, personally, if it were not for the fact that I wanted the high value items which would have costed more than the calendar and I needed stocking fillers, I would have not purchased this and I probably won’t ever again. It is not on top of my list. However, I do believe this is a perfect gift for couples. 

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Liberty Beuaty Advent Calendar 

liberty beauty advent calendar 2019

This calendar I purchased every single year, but I have to admit that I hesitated this time around. The value just did not impress and the price is quite steep. I expected more which, as harsh as it sounds, they should have delivered. The competition is more intense and it being an icon in the retail business is not an excuse. The products were good, do not get me wrong. However the wow factor was lacking. I am willing to give this one another try perhaps, but it won’t be a periority as it had been since the first time it launched. 

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Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar 

beauty advent calendar nivea

Okay, so this was an interesting calendar. It is perfect for fans of Nivea and those who need to become aquatinted with the brand. In my opinion, Nivea is the best classic and affordable brand on the market, alongside Dove of course. Their products work quite well and are always a joy to try. The mix in this calendar was not the best as it contained way too many lip balms, but it was not the worst either. However, I cannot see myself getting this one again unless their start including their latest launches. It was fond to visit old friends, but…. still a good and affordable choice though. 

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ASOS Face and Body Advent Calendar 

The calendar from ASOS was cute and very useful. I am still reusing the box it came in which I do appreciate it. The contents were a sample of products sold by ASOS. It has great contents, but nothing too special. It might be a good option for teenagers who just got started with beauty, but it becomes less and less appealing in your late 20s. 

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Holland and Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar 

Okay, this is a difficult one. This beauty event calendar is perfect for natural beauty lovers. The calendar contained some really good items which did impress. They were totally unexpected. However, it also contained quite a few weird products that I honestly have no idea what to even do with. I know how to use, I am just no attracted to them at all. The few discoveries I made did make this calendar worth it though and made me more curious about the store in general so there is that. I might be curious to get it again only to see what other gems are hidden in Holland and Barrett stores.

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Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar 

latest in beauty advent calendar

Aaah, no. No, no, no. I love Latest in Beauty and the brand and I had quite a great relationship over the years. Their subscription boxes are pretty good if you are smart about them and some of their collection boxes are incredible. But that is just it. Their more affordable collection boxes are more impressive than this calendar. It was fun to open it and all that, but probably not something I will buy again. 

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These were my thoughts after I got to use and enjoy some of the products from these calendars. The reviews I linked to above contained quite fresh impressions. Sure, I might have played with some of the products before writing them but the reviews might have been slightly influenced by the enthusiasm and the novelty. This is one of the reasons why I tend to wait a while before writing my thoughts on a new launch. I want to be able to see clearly beyond the hype and all that. 

Overall, the calendars that I loved the most are the Sephora Christmas Favourites, the Fortnum and Mason one and of course the SkinCity one. 

If I could only buy one in 2020, I would go for the SkinCity one. There is no question in my mind. I got to experience highly researched, near medical grade skincare products but also discovered an incredible makeup brand that not only helps one feel more confident and achieve a great makeup look but actually does something good to the skin. 

The Sephora Calendar is one I got the most use of. It was filled with everyday products which makes it a very good gifting option. It has an acceptable price for a calendar to gift or even keep for yourself. 

The Fortnum and Mason was by far the best luxurious calendars of this bunch. If it is luxurious you want then this one is it.

So to sum up, the SkinCity one is perfect for discovering new skincare, the Sephora one is perfect to give away and the Fortum and Mason one is perfect if you seek high end, luxurious products.

Of course past performance is not always an indicator of future performance. I will share with you the new calendars as soon as I have the info as well as my thoughts on them of course, but the above three calendars will be on top of my watch list. 

Which calendars will you be looking out for this year?

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  1. Oliwia

    I also liked Fortnum’s best. This year I will treat myself to Skin City as well. And maybe stop it at 2. I still have so many superfluous products to use. Don’t want to end the year with again 2-3 years worth of products

    1. Nana

      Same here. I might also get 2-3 even though I am seriously considering not getting any. Especially if I cannot get them delivered directly to my home country. Also my spending experiment got a bit out of hand lately 😂

  2. Lisa

    Net-a-Porters calendar was phenomenal. And they ship internationally. For the first time in 2019 I didn’t buy the Liberty one. Although the Liberty 2020 calendar does look really good.

    1. Nana

      Yeah, the Net a Porter one was quite good last year. I was tempted but had issues with delivery to my address the year before and owned some of the stuff. I am definitely curious about it this year as I already decided to skip on Fortnum and Mason and most likely Harrods unless they make major changes this time around. Glad you enjoyed yours!

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