Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer

dior show lash primer

Today I am back to tell you about yet another Dior product. I cannot believe that I just started talking about Dior when I have been using their products for so long. Dior is one of my to go to beauty brands, especially from its niche. Can I call it niche?

Anyway, today I am going to talk about the DiorShow Lash Primer. Who saw this coming? .

Dior DiorShow Volume Plumping Lash Primer Review

As some of you might know, I dislike mascara. It just does not work for me. It tugs at my eyelashes and bothers me so freaking much. Plus, it makes me rub at my eyes even more than usual. Don’t do that, it is a bad habit and a dangerous now, especially these days. I am working hard to control this habit. I found a few mascaras that are not as bad, but still…It is bad, but sometimes a look just does not compete without mascara, you know? You probably do. However, if you have the same issue as I have then maybe this Dior Lash Primer will help you as well. Even if you do not have any issues when it comes to your mascara, you might still benefit from this product.

I am going to talk about this product from my perspective and afterwards we shall see if I can summarise some of its main features and benefits.

As I emphasised above, mascara and I do not get along al that well. However, sometimes it is kinda necessary. It just gives a look a certain something and completes it, it makes it look more put together. For that reason, I looked at many options/solutions and nothing really worked until I found the Dior Lash Primer.

I was stubborn and did not want to spend so much on a lash primer, especially since I knew that I would not start wearing mascara daily. I tried more affordable alternatives and every single one such product that came my way via subscription boxes and the like. Nothing worked, not until I found the Dior Lash Primer anyway.

I am not going to claim that mascara became my favourite product ever and that I no longer go without. No, definitely not the case. However, the DiorShow Voluminizing Lash Primer did make wearing mascara more bearable. Every single mascara I tried, from drugstore ones to expensive ones such as the Serge Lutens felt more comfortable if applied on top of this primer. There are no more clumps, there is no more tugging. Only the right amount of mascara ends on the lashes. Also, it makes the look more natural overall. That level of comfort is everything and what makes the product worth it for those who have been struggling with mascara. Even if you have not had issues, you might still find this lash primer from Dior a useful product to have.

The Dior Lash Primer not only conditions your lashes and helps your mascara look better and more natural, but it actually helps your lashes appear fuller, it gives you more volume.

It sounds crazy, but this little product helps a great deal in my opinion. Normally, I am not one to overcomplicate a routine (I would have said things, but as we all know that is so not the case). I am a strong believer that you don’t need thousands of products to achieve a simple or even more complex look. For me is all about achieving the best results in the most efficient manner. However, this product makes sense somehow.

Also, application is super easy. You just apply the product as you would your mascara. Don’t worry if you lashes look a bit whiteish. You will cover that with mascara anyway. However, you might get away without the mascara if you properly comb your lashes and you still get a little bit of oomph. See, the product is not just amazing, it is also a bit versatile!

I recommend the Dior Lash primer. There is just nothing else I can add here.

dior show lash primer

Where can you buy the Dior Lash Primer?

Do you use a lash primer? Have you tried this one? What products do you love from Dior Beauty?

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