Seventh Month on a Beauty Ban: July

July started slightly better, if you can call waiting one day to shop better. It was definitely not intentional, it really wasn’t but then again, is it ever? Gladly, it was not so bad. However, let’s see if that lasted…

Beauty purchases

  • Nivea Cellular Hyaluronic Acid Treatment – £7.29 (yes, I realise this is the third time I purchased this item and each time was cheaper than the last)
  • O’lysee Pure Water Spray 400 ml – £5.22
  • LookFantastic Science of Beauty Box – £63.71
  • This Works Stress Check Clean Hands Gel 60ml – £3.18
  • Cristophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml – £31.84
  • Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner – £22
  • One Two Free Skincare Set – £10.29
  • One Two Free Face Toner – £15.66
  • CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water – £7.30
  • Sunday Rain Relax Gift Set – £8.60
  • Laneige Water Bank Moisturising Mist – £14.71
  • Ziaja Hand Cleansing Gel – 5*£3.65 thus £18.25
  • Banila Co Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser – £9.66
  • Purito Centella Green Level All in One Mild Pad Toner – £21.27
  • Centecassol SOS Hand Sanitizer 500ml £11.29 x 2 so £23.58 (got this one on sale as opposed to the one I emptied)

Total beauty spend: £262.56

Allowance from empties

  • Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask – purchased for £1.99 so my allowance is £0.99
  • Wonder Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask – 6 for £24 so 1 patch is worth £4, as such, I get an allowance of £2
  • Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil – 100ml worth £45, my bottle was only 50ml so worth £22.5 as such my allowance from this empty is £11,25
  • Ziaja Hand Cleansing Wash Gel – full sized worth £3.65. I used two so I get an allowance of £1.82×2, thus a total of £3.65
  • Centacassol SOS Hand Sanitiser 500ml worth £18 so my allowance from this product is £9 (got this one full price)
  • Garnier Skin Naturals Eye Moisture Mask – worth £1.63 so my allowance is £0.81
  • Drunk Elephant Cocomino Shampoo of 60ml – the full size is 240ml for £21 thus mine is worth £5.25 and my allowance is half aka £2.62
  • Nivea Cellular Q10 Treatment Kit – worth £10 for 2 vials. I used 1 vial worth £5 so my allowance is £2.50
  • Bamford Jasmine Hand and Body Wash 250 ml – the product is worth £24 so my allowance is £12
  • Fourth Ray Beauty Keep Clear Clarifying Toner – this product is 122.75ml for £7.82 (without accounting for taxes). My bottle was 30 ml so worth £1,91 thus my allowance is £0.95
  • Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding Mini – worth £12.95 so my allowance from this item is half aka £6.47

Total allowance from empties: £52.24

Allowance from Posts

Allowance from Reviews

  • HAAN Ready Hydrating Hand Sanitizer – read the review here
  • Soap and Glory Junk the Gunk Charcoal Shampoo – read the review here
  • LookFantastic Science of Beauty Box – read the review here
  • Dior Lash Primer – read the review here

Allowance from Social Media

Instagram £9

Total allowance from posts: £29.

As you already saw, my efforts did not last. If there was ever a doubt in my mind that I have a stress related shopping issue, there is none anymore.

I am someone who deals with many unknowns and stressful situations quite well, but some things just… I scored higher at stress resilience than 98% of employees at one of the largest investment banks in the world so that should mean something. However, some things just throw me off.

We also got a new shopping destination (maybe we will finally see some development in my home town since investors have stayed away due to political/cultural unrest over the past decades) so I went out as I was getting restless and took advantage of some of the offers in the new Sephora and Douglas store. It is way different than shopping online, plus online shopping at Douglas always ended up in disaster before. The new Douglas concept store did impress me though. I have seen a similar concept of the German retailer, but this one felt more airy and safe. Good for them! Sephora was just meh as every other European Sephora is. My British friends, you are not missing out and if you feel like you are stay tuned.

Anyway, this month was not as bad as the previous one. I am feeling more balanced and I did for once saw my stress related shopping behaviour in a new light. I knew stress was an issue that made me shop more, curiosity is another one, but I want this experiment to work. I really do. I will keep sharing my month to month progress or status. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to write an article entitled “What it felt like to spend a few (number to be determined) thousands of pounds on beauty products in a year” or “How does it feel to finish off hundreds of pounds of beauty products in one year” rather than the article I drafted a while ago and never got around to post based on a year during which I spent an unbelievable amount for a regular human being. I am too embarrassed to even share the real number so I won’t. It was that bad!

Let’s see actual numbers now.

-£537.45 (From June) – £262.56 (July’s Spending) + £52.24 (July’s Allowance From Empties) + £29( Allowance From Posts) = -£714.77

Wow, just wow. If I manage to get back to 0 by the end of this year then we call it a miracle (not quite, but almost). This is really bad. The fact that I haven’t posted as much so that my allowance from posts were bigger is also a bad sign. The reason why I included the clause is to keep me motivated. I must do better.

Am I disappointed in the results? A little. I can do better and I have in the past. I am happy to see that the amount I spent is half the amount of what I spent in June so there is that. However, there is always room for improvement. I keep preaching about improvement, but I feel like I am not trying hard enough and that is what I find the most. disappointing.

Let’s see what next month will bring, but I have a feeling that after 14 days of no spending, I will find myself picking up at least a little something tomorrow if I go out. Now, if only I would stop at that…Let’s hope that it won’t happen, but let’s also be honest – it probably will. I do need to go and pick up some of my favourite kitchen rolls from dm so who knows what else I will find.

How did you you in July? Did you have a great month in terms of beauty spending?

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