Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream: Fresh and More

I haven’t spoken about Huxley in a while, but I recently finished this cream and thought that it was high time to write something about this brand again.

Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream Review

I got the Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream: Fresh and More a while back when I wanted to qualify for a beauty gift with purchase from Harvey Nichols. You know the ones I am talking about!

At that time, I had a faint idea of what the brand stood for and was familiar with its pretty packaging after seeing it on social media, but never really read about it. I love being surprised and regardless of whether it turns out to be a good surprise or not, at least it gives me something to talk to you about, you know?

The first thing you notice when you open the jar is the beautiful, natural fragrance of this cream. I know, I know that fragrance is not exactly what you want to find in your products, especially if you are sensitive to fragrance. However, this one is so soft and beautiful. If you are lucky not to be affected by fragrance, then you might enjoy this one. The fragrance does not feel artificial and it reminds me of hyacinth. Other disagree…and they are probably right, but not sure what else I can compare it to.

Now, let’s talk texture. The cream from Huxley has a soothing, watery cream like texture. It feels so nice on the skin and it absorbs quite fast as well. There is little to no residue left on the skin afterwards. The skin does not feel sticky, but the cream does offer you a lovey glow.

Sure, these things matter, but more importantly what does the chemistry tells us. Are the ingredients any good?

Now, this is where things get weird.

The Secret of Sahara Fresh and More Cream is not silicone nor alcohol free. This is quite rare nowadays.

The product is formulated using some super moisturising ingredients such as:

Beta-Glucan – this is a polysaccharide sugar derived from yeast that not only has some health benefits if consumed in a very different format ( do no eat it!), but also some useful features for those who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, the ingredient acts as an antioxidant, feels soothing to the skin and can also improve appearance of redness.

Butylene Glycol – is a conditioning ingredients that makes your skin feel more soft

Sodium Hyaluronate – helps improve the appearance of dry skin and makes it less flaky

Glycerin – this is an ingredient you should all be familiar with, This is a very common ingredient used to improve moisture and smoothness.

The above ingredients can be very helpful to those who have dry or even sensitive skin. However, the use of alcohol might not be as great as it can be drying or even irritating. So in terms of ingredients, I would be quite careful when trying this product if your skin falls in the above categories.

However, when it comes to oily skin, things are not any better. In fact, there is no ingredient that stands out as amazing for those who have oily skin, but some do stand out and not for the right reasons.

The Huxley Secret of Sahara Fresh and More Cream is formulated using both Stearic and Palmitic Acid which are comedogenic and can lead to clogged pores and blackheads.

So you might wonder why I haven’t adopted my usual tone, the one I use when it comes to products that are not worth your money. Well, against all odds, this product worked really well on my oily skin.

I told you things would get weird.

Against all odds (no, I have not developed a passion for this expression, it just came out again), this cream worked really, but really well on my oily skin. The light texture absorbed really well without leaving my skin with a greasy layer. It fact, my skin was left looking a bit glowy yes, but not the greasy kind, but the natural kind. Furthermore, my skin felt smooth and soothed.

I know that what I said above makes little sense. Trust me, I found it hard to believe after analysing the ingredients that this cream from Huxley would work, but it did. I do not mind that it did, I loved the cream to be honest. Despite this fact though, I cannot recommend the cream based on the ingredients alone. You will have to try and see whether your skin reacts or not. I wish I could say “do not hesitate” and tell you to “go for it”, but I really do not want you to waste your money.

The cream from Huxley might work as well as it did for me, but it might not. It was a surprising discovery, I give you that. I had my hesitations to try it after I purchased it and full analysed the ingredients, but I am glad that I did. All I can say is that if you do come across one jar of this product (aka, receive one as a gift or something), then you might wanna give it a go,

Overall, I will say that the decision is up to you. Personally, to my surprised, this cream from Huxley really worked on my skin and I loved using it. I loved the fragrance and the feel of my skin. But you saw how things stand…

Where can you purchase the Huxley Fresh and More Cream from?

Have you tried the Huxley Fresh And More cream?

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    1. Nana

      The brand is super nice. However like I mentioned, the ingredients themselves indicate a product that would not work or work all that well on oily skin. It worked for me to my surprise and really enjoyed it. So try to get a tester or maybe get this product as part of a gift with purchase. I know that Beauty Expert used to offer this cream as a gift when purchasing from the Brand. Maybe keep an eye out on such offer πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by!!

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