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Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar

I got several advent calendars this year as you probably already know from reading the reviews, but here is one I never expected to buy – the Nivea Beauty one. Not only I did not know that Nivea released its very own beauty advent calendar (in all honesty, they released several), but the idea of getting a brand specific calendar was definitely not at the top of my list. However, when I saw that Nivea released a calendar I just had to buy it. For old times sake. I am sure you get it.

Nivea has always been a staple in my beauty bag and in my household for that matter. I cannot remember a time when I did not own at least one Nivea product. There was a period when I laid off buying from the brand as I had just discovered what the entire world had to offer in terms of beauty products, but even then I am sure that somewhere in my house there was at least one Nivea product. Perhaps even in the old vanity that I used two decades ago when getting ready for school which we now repurposed. It is not like I am ever going to reuse that product, if it is even there!! However, in recent month I have been bombarded with new launches from the brand which reminded me just how big a part of my life this brand has been around for and I guess it made me nostalgic to try out old favourites. This calendar from Nivea provided the perfect opportunity.

Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar Review

beauty advent calendar nivea


The calendar was delivered the next day as I purchased it though Amazon UK and I am a prime member. The delivery was smooth.

Before moving forward I want to mention that some people received an empty calendar box. This can be quite concerning. I know that, boy do I know that. Not that long ago I got an empty iPhone box… I freaked out. But there is no reason to worry. You can just call customer service and they will investigate for you and solve any potential issues should they arise.

I know that perhaps some of you would have preferred not to know about the potential issue, but I felt it was my duty to mention it. My calendar arrived with all the products inside.

Calendar box

The calendar was delivered it in one box within an Amazon box so the cardboard of the actual calendar was in one piece.

The Nivea beauty calendar comes in a thin cardboard box that has a card sleeve in the middle which can be removed. The products can be found on either side of the calendar. It is pretty cute, but it is also almost mirror glossy thus making my job more difficult 🀣

This is where things get interesting. There is no way you can peak at what the contents of the calendar are without making it seem like the calendar had been opened.

Let me explain. The products are housed on either side of the calendar in two cardboard trays. There is was no plastic used. Yay! The trays look almost like huge egg boxes and are made of a similar but thicker card. Each gap is covered with a small piece of cardboard and the tray is stuck to the insides of the calendar. This makes both pulling the trays out impossible without damaging the calendar but also peaking at the products pretty darn difficult without ripping the card hiding the product. Not sure if this makes sense so let me try it from a different perspective.

When you open a door you will find a white cardboard piece which you will also need to rip and remove in order to get to the product. So if you were planning on sneaking a peak without someone knowing, you can’t. Just saying! One can never know who cares about this so…

This feature was definitely different.

The box is pretty impossible to reuse but the cardboard trays inside could be great for planting seeds or even organising a drawer. They are quite rough though so I would stick to planting.


Now we are getting to the good part. Below you can find the entire list of contents for the Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar.

Nivea Soft Refreshing Moisturising Cream

Nivea Shower Cream Rich Moisture Soft

Nivea Loopha

Nivea Konjac Sponge

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

Nivea Anti-Presipirant Sensitive & Pure

Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

Nivea Nail File

Nivea Hand Cream Smooth Shea Butter

Nivea Nourishing Face Mask with Honey and Almond Oil

Nivea Body Intense Irresistibly Smooth Deep Moisture Serum with Shea Butter

Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Nivea Original Care Lip Balm

Nivea Shower Creme Oil Pearls – Cherry Blossom

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes – Normal Skin

Nivea Sleep Mask

Nivea Refreshing Face Mask Aloe Vera

Nivea Hand Creme Protective Care with Beeswax

Nivea Creme

Nivea Cherry Shine Lip Balm

Nivea Makes Sponge

Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm

Nivea Cleansing Mit

Nivea 1 Minute Urban Skin Detox Mask – Moisture


The contents of the calendar, as you can see, include some limited edition products. We have a nail file, a sleep mask, a beauty sponge even. Those are definitely not products that Nivea sells on a regular basis. At least they do not in any of the countries I lived. I never paid much attention when I was in Germany and Austria though.

In addition, you can also find quite a few classics. I think that it is great as it has been a very long time since I tried some of the products. You would not believe just how long. Like I said in my long a** intro, this is a calendar perfect for those who suffer from nostalgia.

You might also notice a huge amount of lip balms. Yes that can quite disconcerting, I have to admit. No one really needs that many lip balms, or do they? Not sure about you, but I always pick up a different one as I leave one on my desk, one in the bathroom, one in my bag etc. I personally do not mind as some of the are classics which I did not even know how much I missed. Now that I am starting a new chapter in my life, it is even nicer to have a part of my childhood with me.


Overall, I am really happy with the Nivea Advent Calendar. Sure, the contents are not outstanding but there are many full sized products. There are some classics but also some newer products. I think this calendar is also perfect for everyone who loves Nivea and wants to try out old favourites, but it is also an incredible gift. The calendar is super affordable and often can be purchased at a discount. Plus, one can never really go wrong when it comes to this brand. It is just impossible. Even if neither of their products are outstanding or impress, there is a reason why this brand maintained its iconic status through the decades and has featured in all of our beauty bags at least once.


Where can you purchase the Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar?

The Calendar can be purchased here. Β (The Calendar is on sale for Black Friday)


Are you as fond of Nivea as I am?


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