Victoria Secret Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie Wash with Acai Extract

I know how some of you feel about Victoria Secret. I have my issues with the brand as well, however from time to time I do love to give their beauty products a try, and okay, some of their bras. To this day, they still create some of the best bras I tried and I tried some from super innovative brands such as Savage x Fenty and other more independent ones.

Like I said, I am not going to go into all the reasons why VS is not the best brand out there in terms of corporate governance and inclusion. They have many issues, but their beauty products sometimes do impress. I am going to focus on that. That does not mean I am not bothered by the rest of the issues, okay? Please don’t take this out of context. I am just trying to cover as many brands and products on this website as I can and provide you with useful information. If you feel that buying from VS goes against everything you believe, then please skip this article.

Victoria Secret Melon Scrub Review

The Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie is not the first VS scrub that I reviewed on this blog. I do have a tendency to go for scrubs for some reason, as you might have noticed. No, I do not believe that scrubs are an indicator of how good the rest of the products from a brand are going be, but I am attracted by the products and I do feel that they might be more inoffensive and a less wasteful purchase if I end up not liking them.

However, luckily that was not the case here. In fact, the Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie from Victoria Secret is probably my absolute favourite scrub that I tried from them so far.

Reasons why I loved the Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie from Victoria Secret:

  • the scent is very pretty; the product smells like fresh watermelon and always puts me in a good mood (I am very sensitive to scents and they are an important part of who I am, I guess you could say)
  • unlike some of the other scrubs from the brand, the Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie is softer and more gentle on the skin, it is more like a smoothie bowl
  • this scrub feels like plastic-y than the rest
  • the scrub is effective and leave the skin feeling smooth without being too abrasive

I am not going to claim that this Victoria Secret Scrub is some amazing product. There are no research based skincare benefits or anything of the sort here. It is a scrub like many others you can pick up in a drugstore. However, it is a product that works and it just makes me happy to use it. That is it and I believe that from time to time that is fine as well. This is like that one fun and more eccentric relative everyone has, you know? This product is not the kind of product you should want to use every single day of your life, but it is nice to use from time to time. It keeps things a bit more interesting, at least that is how I see it.

So yes, if you want something fun and different then this Victoria Secret Melon Scrub Scrubby Smoothie is a good product to have and use. I recommend giving it a try. It also makes for a good gift for someone who is a huge VS fan, a teenager or college girl etc. Just saying!

You can purchase the Melon Scrub from Victoria Secret here.

Are you a fan of Victoria Secret? Do you use any of their products?

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    1. No, would never. Sure it is super smooth but I try to avoid any mechanical exfoliates on my face. Plus the amount of fragrance in this product makes it rather unsuitable for your face. Hope this helps.

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