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I wanted to share with you a new Black Friday Offer and I am doing it in a separate post, as you can see. Personally, I never thought I would do this given my strange relationship with the brand. However, because of this relationship I feel that we need a longer post rather than just a line in the Black Friday Offers post that will go up soon.

Which products do you absolutely need to try from Glossier?

If you were to ask me this, I would have a very simple answer for once. Surprisingly, the answer is not none. I do have two products that I believe everyone needs to try at least once. There had to be a reason why this retailer is so popular other than outstanding marketing.

glossier skin perfecting tint

One product I feel everyone needs to try is the Perfecting Skin Tint. This is one strange product. It seems straightforward, but it honestly feels like it is invisible on the skin and yet it does something, something good. The skin looks more even and yet, incredibly natural.

My full review of this product is available here.

Another product I definitely recommend is the Stretch Concealer. This has to be the best concealer I ever tried. I have been staying away from concealer for so long, until I found this one that is. This concealer is so elastic and does not cling to every like. It has a medium coverage and it is absolutely perfect for a natural look.

You can read my full review here. Please ignore the broken photos (will need to fix that soon if I have more photos on the cloud or whenever I get to be reunited with my old concealer (hopefully not soon tbh)).

If you want to try both of these products, then I highly recommend you got the set as you can save even more. The set is already more affordable and if you buy these twi products separately and now with the Black Friday offer, even more so. Get the set here.

Which products from Glossier are quite good?

Milky Jelly Cleanser – this product is a very mild, non stripping cleanser – get it here.

Milky Oil – this is an effective eye makeup remover, even if it does leave the skin feeling a bit oily – get it here.

Generation G – this lipsticks are quite something as well, they feel nice on the lips and they look even better, but they do have a weird formula which keeps changing and never end up being quite right – get it here.

Lip Gloss – the clear lip gloss is super glossy and not so sticky, however it is not worth getting it not at a discount – get it here.

Lidstar – super versatile liquid eyeshadow which looks very pretty and quite natural on its own – get it here.

Glossier You – this is a very interesting fragrance and if you thought that describing a usual fragrance was difficult, this is next level. The fragrance is super unique and it adapts based one the wearer – get it here.

Products I am tempted to try

I thought I would do a small section with the products I am curious to try. This is going to be short though. Honestly, I am most tempted by the new launches. Of course, I am interested din getting some of the above products as well as I am running out and/or not have them with me. But here is the list of products I have yet to try that are on my list:

  • Body Hero Exfoliating Bar – get it here.
  • Hand Cream – have to admit that this one I tempted by in the odd chance you can refill it – the packaging is so cute and would be perfect to carry with you – get it here.

Products I definitely do not recommend

There are a few products that I believe you should stay away from no matter what. Thos products include the face masks and the liquid exfoliator. Those products have no place in your routine as far as I am concerned.

A mask review is available here.

I mentioned above that I have a strange relationship with Glossier. Those of you who might have read my reviews over the past few years probably understand why. Those who are new, will surely discover soon. The thing is that this brand is marketing over marketing and then some more marketing. However, it would have not became so successful just based on marketing. No, as seen above, they do have some incredible products that are worth every penny. Then, they also have some more products that are quite good, but I feel they are quite pricey. Is there is ever a time to try them, this is it.

Shop Glossier here.

Are you tempted by any of the Glossier products?

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