Coos Cosmetics.

Shopping at Coos Cosmetics: My experience 

In the spirit of sharing and community, I’ve always found it imperative to bring you along on my retail adventures. Each time I venture into a new store, I eagerly document my experiences, hoping to provide you with a detailed picture of what to expect. This way, you’re not walking into it blindly, relying solely on your instincts. You can learn from my trials and avoid any potential pitfalls I may have stumbled upon. Conversely, if my experience was smooth and enjoyable, it could provide you with the confidence to explore further.

Today, I’m excited to delve into my latest shopping encounter at Coos Cosmetics. This beauty retailer recently captured my attention and, admittedly, a substantial portion of my paycheck. But as they say, beauty is an investment, and in my quest for the best products, I was more than willing to splurge.

Join me as I navigate through my discoveries, experiences, and the overall journey with Coos Cosmetics. Whether you’re a seasoned beauty enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of skincare and cosmetics, I hope this post will shed some light on what this retailer has to offer. So buckle up, grab a cup of tea, and let’s get started on this exciting exploration!

What is Coos Cosmetics? 

Coos Cosmetics is an online Korean beauty retailer based in the Netherlands that ships internationally. They offer everything from makeup to skincare and even haircare! 

Why choose Coos Cosmetics? 

The main reason why I chose Coos Cosmetics is because of their wide variety of products. With tens of different brands in stock, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Plus, they have competitive prices and offer free shipping for orders over €50! Most importantly, they are based in the EU so the process of ordering and getting the 

Coos Cosmetics.

My Experience 

So far I only placed one order at Coos Cosmetics, but my limited experience I hope is still enough to help some of you decided whether to take the plunge or not. 

Shopping at Coos Cosmetics was an absolute breeze. Their website is user-friendly and neatly organized, making it to find specific products or brands. The checkout process was straightforward and secure.

I appreciated the option to track my order, which kept me informed about its status from placement through delivery. Shipping took surprisingly longer than expected.

The parcel arrived in around 7 days which was unexpected event that it was shipped from the Netherlands. In a way, I expected a small delay as I purchased products on sale so during a promotional period. However, that was not the cause of the delay. The parcel was shipped immediately, but the courier was slower than expected. The ordered was delivered by DPD. 

The parcel was in an okay condition when it arrived, but it was a bit of a let down. It was a bot dusty both on the outside which I can ignore, but only on the inside which tells me it is not just the couriers fault. 

The products I ordered arrived also in an okay condition. The products were on sale so it is sort of understandable that they had been sitting around fro a while thus the reason why the packaging was not in pristine condition, but that combined with the smell, it feels like they sat in some basement. It is not tragic nor something I hold against the retailer, but thought I should mention it nonetheless. I would have been able to gift the products, particularly without cleaning the packaging up a bit first. 

Despite the packaging issues, the quality of the products I received was without fault. Each item was as described on their website, with the effectiveness and performance aligning with my expectations. Importantly, I was keen to check the expiration dates of the items, considering they were on sale. I was relieved to find that the products had substantial shelf-life left, each with an expiration date at least a year out from my purchase date. This assured me that Coos Cosmetics doesn’t compromise product quality or customer safety for the sake of a sale. Therefore, despite some minor issues, the quality of their products and adherence to safety norms is something I genuinely appreciate about Coos Cosmetics.

I also received a pack of samples which was a very nice touch! 

Coos Cosmetics.
Coos Cosmetics.


With so many online retailers to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to narrow down your search. But after experiencing Coos Cosmetics firsthand, I can confidently say they’re worth checking out! Their wide selection of products combined with their competitive prices makes them an attractive choice for any beauty enthusiast. Moreover, their delivery process was straightforward and secure. As such, when you need some lesser known k-beauty products or products that are not available on the local market, I highly recommend Coos Cosmetics especially when you have no intention to wait for an order to be shipped from Asia. 

Have you ever shopped at Coos Cosmetics?

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    Looks great. Free shipping in the EU with a reasonable threshold is so nice to see, decent shelf life of discounted products shows the shop in a very good light and the separate bag of samples is so nice!
    Need to deplete the stash (lol, of course,but I think I’m on a good track for next year) but bookmarked the store already
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with various retailers, I appreciate these posts a lot as they help me make more informed decisions

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