Versed Skincare has made its way to the UK

Versed is one of my favourite skincare brands and it has finally made its way to the UK via Cult Beauty. So long shopping from Revolve and hoping for the best. While I never had any issues with international orders, especially those from Revolve, I was always a bit nervous as many things can go wrong. To be able to get products from one of my favourite brands directly from the UK is really good news and I am sure you will think the same once you get to give the brand a chance.

Okay, so what is Versed and what makes it so special?

Versed is a skincare brand created by the founders of the famous fashion website Who What Wear and it aims to provide clean beauty products for everyone. Their beauty products are non toxic and they are meant to work on every skin type without discriminating. Better yet? The Versed skincare products do not come attached with a price tag that wants to make you cringe. In fact, the products are pretty affordable.

Okay, that seems more like an official description of the brand, but how are things really? Well, from the very first time I tried Versed I was hooked, to be honest. The texture of the products and the feel of them is just different and somehow lighter. It feels like there is none of those nasty and useless ingredients included. You basically get a simple, unsophisticated product that works. And they do really work.

This is not mean to be a review, this is just me letting you know about this amazing news.  The reviews will come soon as I actually took my cleansing balm with me on assignment. It is one of the few products that made the cut!

Since the brand just launched you can also get a mini overnight peel when you spend £20 across products from the brand. This is a limited time offer, so move fast! I wish I could tell you what this product is like, but this is actually the next product on my wish-list from Versed. However, if I were to start over again I would start with their cleansing balm. This is the product where you really notice the difference as far as this brand is concerned.

Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm – £16.50 – Shop here.


Photo credit: Cult Beauty

What do think? Are you as excited as I am about this new launch?

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