Soap&Glory The Pore Fab – Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask

I fell in love with Soap and Glory right from the first time I tried the brand. I remember having one of those Boots vouchers and not knowing what I to spend it on so I got two tubed masks and a body cleanser from Soap and Glory. That was the first time I purchased something from Soap and Glory. And yes, the brand made that much of an impression that I still remember my purchase to this day.

I won’t say that I never encountered a not that great product or one even some that I did not react to in some way. That would be a lie. I have and I even reacted, which almost never happens as far as I am concerned. But that did not stop me from trying new products.

The latest product I tried is a sheet mask from Soap and Glory that was included in the a gift set that came out this past Christmas. The mask in question is the Pore Fab – Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask.

Here are my thoughts.

Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask Review

I had no idea what to expect when I first tried this sheet mask. I have tried many sheet masks in my life, from various brands. Some masks I loved while others were just meh. But I never tried one from Soap and Glory, before this one that is.

With that being said, I guess it is quite clear that I had no idea what to expect.

I am going to start by talking about the obvious aspects of the mask first and then talk about its effectiveness.

In terms of size, the mask is not small. Not by any means. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Even I found the mask to be a bit on the big size and I am big headed. It is nice to get a mask that fits, but still… Too big is not alright either as the serum can end up running down you neck and that is just annoying.

As alluded above, the Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask is super filled with serum. The mask is really wet, but luckily the mask is easy to unfold. You can totally apply without ripping it. The serum though is a bit much, at least as far as I am concerned.

In terms of effectiveness, this mask from Soap and Glory really impressed me. Sure, keeping a sheet mask on you face for 20 or so minutes will show some results as long as there is some good quality serum. That was definitely the case here. The first noticeable effect was plumpness. My skin looked more plump and even felt more hydrated.

However, where the mask stands out and where its actual purpose becomes noticeable is in the fact that the Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask from Soap and Glory is that it leaves your skin looking more matte. Pores look a bit less noticeable as well.

The Soap and Glory Skin Smoothing Pore Refining Mask is not a miracle product, but it does do a good job. It creates a really good base for makeup as well. It truly preps your skin and as such, your makeup will look a little more flawless while your skin itself will feel a bit more comfortable

Personally, I was quite impressed with this mask from Soap and Glory. It is not an impressive product, but it works. It is not the solution to all your problems, but it is a nice addition to your beauty stash.

Where can you get the sheet mask from?

The mask is available at Boots and on their website.

It can also be found at the SkinStore and Target.

Have you tried any good products from Soap and Glory lately?

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