NYX #thisiseverything lip loving balm

The NYX #thisiseverything lip loving balm is a product that I honestly purchased only because I stumbled upon it on the NYX website. I was browsing one day and I saw the new lip products from this small collection and since I already bagged the star of the collection so to speak, I decided to try the balm as well. It might not sound like a very good reason, but then again I also wanted to get a new pot balm. I missed having one on my desk.

Pot balms are not as popular as tube balms and you can guess why, however I still like them from time to time. I do not use them when I am out and about as I do not want to touch my lips without making sure that my hands are super clean, but I love using it while at home. Usually, potted balms are a tad more moisturising in my opinion, but not as greasy as other ones that I am not even going to bother mentioning by name here. The NYX #thisiseverything lip loving balm is no exception.

The NYX #thisiseverything lip loving balm is super moisturising and not overly greasy so it feels super nice on the lips. It also gives your lips a nice shine and it is perfect for an elegant or a casual look when you are not in the mood for colour.

The NYX balm is not the cheapest pot balm out there, but it is worth every penny and it is actually better than some more affordable versions. In my opinion, you need to add this product to your collection. I know that it is March and winter is kinda over, but it is still cold outside at times that your lips don’t stand a chance. At least that is how it is where I am based these days. Even if you do not wish to use it to protect your lips from the cold, you can use the #thisiseverything balm at any time. No one can have too many lip balms, can they? Treat your lips with kindness and treat yourself to a little something that you won’t feel guilty about.

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