Avant Skincare Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub

I have been going on and on about how much I like Avant Skincare, but I realise that I never actually talked about a product in detail on this platform. For that reason, I decided to change that by talking about the latest product from the brand that I got, the lip scrub. I already had in plan to talk about another lip scrub so why not this one?

Avant Skincare Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub Review

The Avant Skincare Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub was included in the February edition of the GlossyBox UK. For once, this product was not the only reason I got myself a GlossyBox, but I digress. It did play a role, just a smaller than usual one. That is not to say that I was not curious to try the lip scrub from Avant. I am always curious to try new stuff from Avant Skincare and lip products are products I had not tried before.

I had no idea what to expect or even what the lip scrub would be like. As always (yeah, right!) I read the instructions to see how to properly apply the product and in order to get the best results as tested by the brand. No, really now, I actually had the instructions for once because something old me that this lip scrub would be a bit different than your usual. I was right, but before that… The moment I first held the Velvet perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub from Avant Skincare in my hands, I noticed that the texture was different. The lip scrub looked too much like a lip gloss with small particles floating around for it to work like any other scrub. If it had been a case of simply applying it, running it around you lips and washing it off, then it would have not been all that effective. That much was clear from the way the product looked. There are simply not enough mechanical exfoliation particles unlike in a traditional sugar based scrub.

Part of the application mechanism is correct. You do apply the product on your lips, rub it around a bit, but first, instead of washing it off, you actually need to keep it on for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. It works sort of like a peel. This clearly indicates that this product is not really one you can use on the go. You need access to a sink, well, preferably a source of clean water. I honestly cannot see myself applying this and then washing it off with water from a bottle. That would sort of hinder the relaxing benefits of taking care of yourself.

In terms of texture, the lip scrub from Avant looks pretty much like a lip gloss and feels like one as well. It even reminds me a tiny, tiny bit of the rose mask from Fresh. However, it has a much prettier scent to it.

Keeping the product on for 2 minutes can be quite challenging, especially with people around. I noticed that there is a risk of getting product in your mouth if you try to speak, but even without. The taste of the product is not bad per se, but I am pretty sure it is not meant to get in your mouth/to be ingested.

In terms of effectiveness, the scrub is effective. It left my lips softer, but you do need to apply a bit of lip oil or balm (whichever you prefer) on top. I feel that in order to take full advantage of this product, you do need to come on with something else on top after washing the scrub off.

Overall, I pretty much liked the Velvet perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub from Avant Skincare. I really have no complains. I loved how easy it is to use despite the additional step and all that. However, would I purchase it? I would, but not at its price point. I would rather try to get it through other means – a beauty gift, a beauty kit, advent calendar etc. I know that I say this about any products, but when you know you can get them in beauty offers or deals such as the one I got mine from, paying full price makes no sense no matter the disposable income. Sure, there are products that you have no choice but to purchase at full price or some you cannot live without, but despite loving this specific product, it is not quite up there on my list.

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