GlossyBox Sing Dance Love repeat Edition – Review

I kept telling you that I stopped purchasing beauty boxes and here I am reviewing yet another beauty box, a beauty subscription box to be more exact. I also perhaps mentioned that the out of the subscription boxes, the GlossyBox ones are the one that I purchase the least. That is indeed true, however when I saw the February edition, the Sing, Dance, Love, Repeat edition I just could not help myself. The beauty box looked so dreamy. I am a sucker for pretty design and everything pink. I have never been a girly-girl, but I tend to associate pink with happy and it usually puts me in a good mood. Just look at how cute it is!

GlossyBox February 2021 Review

Since I went through all the trouble of getting the February GlossyBox, I decided that I should share with you my opinion of it. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect other than a pretty box and a product from Avant Skincare. I stayed away from all spoilers. I did not want to know, especially since I was having the box delivered via an intermediary and this was my first UK forwarded parcel post Brexit. I got the box and it was unopened. I felt like crying happy tears when I saw that no one opened it! I was sure it would get searched at customs. I had nothing to hide, but the reason for buying the box was in order to keep it and consequently, getting it in one piece.

glossy box February 2021 beauty box

What does the February 2021 Glossy Box contain?

  • Avant Skincare – Velvet Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub – full size – RRP £58
  • Nudestix – Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm – full size RRP £20
  • Bubble T Cosmetics – Peach Bellini Hand Crea – full size – RRP £4.99
  • Steve Laurant – Total Repair Lip Mask – full size – RRP £5
  • Glow on 5th – Rose Gua Sha – full size – RRP £10

So as you can see, the February edition of the GlossyBox comes with five products and they are all in full size. My instinct was to say that the full-size aspect is a bit debatable, especially as far as the Steve Laurent mask is concerned, but I checked and it seems that the mask is not only a new, but it is sold as a one piece and does not come in a box of multiples.

glossy box February 2021 beauty box
glossy box February 2021 beauty box

Opinion of the box overall

The box is cute on the outside and cuter on the inside. The products are so colourful and perfect for this bleach weather. I love grey (as a colour) and all that, but now without too much snow it seems depressing. Shhh. I am no allowed to say that so you totally did not hear me say that I like snow. I live with people who suffer from actual meltdowns at the notion of snow. But I really do like snow, however I am not a driver so what the heck do I know.

I know that this was supposed to be a Valentines edition GlossyBox and honestly, they nailed it. More than giving me a 90s vibe, it gives me a “To all the Boys” vibe. The box and the contents remind me of a scene/room that would totally belong in the movies series, particularly in Lara Jean’s world. I did not expect be so excited about a GlossyBox. I mean, I love the design of the December box as well, but this one feels different somehow. It even contains products from brands that I never liked and now I am looking forward to giving them another try.

For example, I tried Bubble T Cosmetics several times in the past and I was completely let down each and every time. It has been a while since the last time I tried anything from the brand, I admit to that. However, they did not show up on my radar at all. I was not even considering giving them another try perhaps ever. I found a hand cream from them in this GlossyBox and suddenly, I am excited. I am a bit nervous for good reason, but I am excited to see whether their products have gotten any better.

I recently got my first Gua Sha after wanting one for many years. I got one from Hayo’u which was included in the Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar. It was a jade one (it is amazing either way) but I would have liked a quartz one. When I saw there was one such tool included in this edition of the GlossyBox I was fast to open it. Sadly, it turned out to be a very disappointing find and nothing like I had been expecting. The size is not the issue. More details in a review, but I assure you, you would not like it either.

The rest of the products, I am more happy about. I have limited experience with Nudestix, but I do want to learn more about their products. You already know I am obsessed with Avant Skincare and each time there is a product, I am rushing to get it, especially if I do not need to pay full price of it. This was no exception. As for Steve Laurant, well I liked the one product I got from the brand also via GlossyBox a while back. I liked it quite a lot and now I am looking forward to trying out more.

I cannot tell you why exactly, but this box really captured my heart. It might not be the box with the highest value ever, but it is pretty and lovely. If you can find it in stock, I do recommend it. Stay tuned for all the product reviews!

Get a Glossy Box here (UK) or Here(US).

What do you think of the February 2021 edition of the subscription beauty box?

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