LookFantastic Color WOW x Rosie Connolly Collection

It is late and rather than trying to gather my thoughts and focus on a review, I decided to go with another offer. Shame on me, I know! However, I am still suffering from extreme eye strain from yesterday. I feel like I ran a marathon, but with my eyes only if that makes any sense. They were subjected to an incredibly daunting vouching process which is still ongoing… Busy season, eh? (I am not going to start on the accounting jokes so do not worry) Now I see it (no pun intended). Not even my trusty Spacemasks and a full night of sleep helped me get back to normal. They did alleviate some of the pain, but my left eye still bothers me. Anyway, you now have a better idea of why I keep postponing basically every single plan I had for this platform. Maybe I should have gotten that ban.do planner after all… Time management is not my friend these days, but I refuse to give up.

I was about to say anyway again, but I won’t. However, let’s get back on track as this post is proving to be anything but me letting you know about a new offer.

If you recall, last weekend I believe it was, I told you about a cute little beauty kit from Revolve that focused on hair products only. As I was writing that post, I recalled having an entire box of products I forgot about. I have been using it as a book stopper.

Moving all my stuff from one part of Europe to the opposite end resulted in many lost products over the years. Sadly, it happens quite often that I remember a product or something that I have not seen in ages. This usually prompts me to start digging (no, I do not live in a pig sty, I am quite organised, but there is a room that after its major revamp a decade ago, somehow ended up an unwilling storage room). There are still some small boxes that I have not unpacked. If you ever moved, you know what I am talking about. But imagine doing that, moving a huge “chuck” of your life every few months.

Okay, so I remembered that box filled with hair products and took it down to begin sorting through them. Surprisingly, many of them are still good. I am shocked, but at least I had the decency not to open them all so they still had seals on. Among them was a Colour WOW product. As I was about to close it after taking a sniff at it, my godmother rang the bell. Totally unexpected, also don’t worry, we sit around a huge table (soo we are social distancing) and wear medical grade masks at all times. She is basically the only person I “hanged out with” (other than family members I live with) during these past 11 months and the only one who entered our home. We sit near the entrance of the house and disinfect all areas afterwards. You so did not need to hear about our extreme precautionary measures. You might think we are crazy, but I promise you we are not as bad as any of the people on those extreme cleaning TLC shows.

Anyway, she came over as I am the family’s beauty “guru” and she started telling about this product she is trying to purchase and was unable to find in store as it keeps selling out. She could not remember the name and as she was trying to locate the photo on her phone, I went to retrieve the bottle of Coour WOW I was fiddling with before she arrived. It turns out that that was the exact product she was looking for. She wanted to ask me about the Colour WOW Dream Filter which was recommended to her and used on her hair by her hairdresser and she wanted my opinion on it and where she could purchase it from. Talk about coincidence, right? I gifted the bottle with the declaimer that it might no longer be effective given the product’s age.

Personally, I never actually tried anything from Colour WOW. I have a few bottles from various beauty gifts with purchase and beauty boxes, but I never really got around do it. My godmother seems to absolutely love the product. She used it several times and she is as obsessed as the whole of the internet, it seems.

Like I said, I cannot comment as I do not have any experience with any of the brand’s products. However, since LookFantastic released a new collaboration box, I thought I should share it with you as well. The offer is not the best one I have ever seen, but it might be worth a look if you as well were wondering about the brand.

LOOKFANTASTIC Color WOW x Rosie Connolly Collection Contents

  • Color Wow Dream Filter (50ml) – worth £12.50
  • Color Wow Color Security Shampoo & Conditioner (75ml each) – worth £20
  • Color Wow Dream Cocktail Kale-Infused (50ml) – worth £11
  • Color Wow Raise The Root Thicken & Lift Spray (75ml) – worth £10
  • Color Wow Style on Steroids (50ml) – worth £11

Price and Value

The box is priced ast £49.95 and has a value of over £65. The box is available for purchase here. I do not think there is a £10 off offer if you get a 3 month subscription for their beauty boxes, but even if there is, I would recommend against it right now as there are some exclusive boxes with higher value (and prices) coming up soon. Sometimes you do get an exclusive email discount if you are already a subscriber, but other times, you do not as far as I have seen. I do need to investigate this further, but unless you have inside info, I recommend caution.


The limited edition box from LookFantastic does not look half bad. You get to try some of the most iconic goodies from Color WOW. While I do not like the price/value ratio all that much or at all really, it is still a good opportunity to try the best products the brand has to offer all at once without paying full price for each.

.Okay, I am done. This post turned out to be anything but what I imagined it would be/look like. I was going for something short, sweet and straightforward, but that is so not like me. It seems that I have not completed my talking “quota” for the day and I had to make up for it here. I will try to rein it in so that I do not traumatise you. If by any chance you found my babbling remotely entertaining, then I am glad. If not, I hope this beauty offer at least made up for it.

Have a loverly weekend!

Grab the LookFantastic Color WOW beauty box here.

Have you ever tried anything from Color WOW before?

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