SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

SkinCity has done it again! They’ve released their Advent Calendar for Christmas 2022 and it’s better than ever as it is an edition that focuses on Skincare as even the official name of the calendar suggests. Packed with 24 days of beauty treats, this is the perfect way to try out new products and get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside…

SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 Contents


By Wishtrend


CLE Cosmetics


Dr. Ceuracle

Dr. LEVY Switzerland


Evolve Organic Beauty


Hello Sunday




Maria Åkerberg

Ole Henriksen

Paula’s Choice




Skincity Skincare


SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 Price and Value

The SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 is priced at €119 and it is available for purchase now. The calendar is worth over €581/£500.

SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 Comments

I am happy to see that SkinCity has decided to release yet another beauty advent calendar. I am a huge fan of their brand as well as their limited or special edition sets. SkinCity is truly a brand that focuses on skincare and it has always managed to impress me or introduce me to products that otherwise I would have not purchased which I, later on, ended up loving.

This edition is no different, well not really. The contents are appealing and the focus on skincare is even stronger this year (not that the previous editions did not deserve to be called Skincare editions as that is not the case). However, it is a bit disappointing to see the same brands included as in the past.

Okay, maybe I am not being fair here. After all, the brands carried by SkinCity are heavily curated and consequently quite limited in number. And yes, the products included are not the same as in the past, but I do wish to have seen something new as, like this, the wow factor is missing a tiny bit.

Price-wise, I am happy with the final decision to keep the price in line with that of the previous years. Initially, I thought that the calendar would have a 150 euros price tag attached to it, but glad that is not the case. It might depend a bit on the country though and I have not checked every country. Do let us know if your country has a higher price tag!

SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

Box-wise, I am glad that this year they went with a reusable design. The box is pretty, but it could have been done without the black lines. Not sure, but in my culture, they can have different meanings and resemble items nobody want to have to deal with as they are associated with upsetting events. You should be able to use washi tape if that is the case for you as well.

Overall, this is a good calendar, but not spectacular. Personally, I am a bit on the fence about it but ultimately I am leaning towards skipping. However, if the products inside interest you, then go for it. You are in for a treat.


There you have it! The SkinCity Advent Calendar for Christmas 2022. This is the perfect way to try out new products, stock up on old favorites, and get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

What do you think of the SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 edition?

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  1. o

    Here goes my “no calendars this year”, ah. I was waiting to see this one and it looks like a bunch of stuff I could use and it’s nice stuff too, especially for blemishes that have become my problem. The least interesting thing here is makeup, although it’s the most universal stuff for a basic routine, totally beats bronzers and highlighters for me because ill never finish even one in a decade. I’ll sleep on this one and maybe wait to see Oh My Cream

  2. o

    It seems to be the price for Romania.
    Ah, on second thought the picture may not show the actual sizes of products. If it did, the value would be much higher with full size Skinceuticals and Dr. Levy. The box is nice, though (I don’t mind the black stripes). I do, however, remember one of the previous editions with a pink box, that looked fabulous in the photos and it turned out to be low quality and in different colour, totally unlike the promo photos

    1. Nana

      The Dr Levy seems to be a max 50 ml and I believe it is the cleanser. Good but not great. I will try to find out the actual details asap and update as soon as I have them. Pink bow? I remember three of the previous editions and none of them had a bow? Two years ago it was a round makeup bag (large one) and yes, the pink wasn’t as pretty as shown in the promo material

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