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Cult Beauty Christmas Edits

Christmas is getting closer and closer every single day. You know what that means, right? Many, many beauty advent calendars to open and to countdown to Christmas with, however not just that – it is also the season for limited edition beauty boxes. Beauty Bay already resoled theirs,. and now Cult Beauty has announced their even more exiting line up. Here is what we know so far.

Do bookmark this post as I will continue to update as soon as I have more information.

Cult Beauty Skin Care Christmas Edit 2022 – £35 (worth £155 ) – Buy Here


  • Pai Skincare Résurrection Girl Hydrating Mask
  • Conserving Beauty Conserving You Face Oil 30ml
  • Ren Skincare Clarifying Clay Cleanser 150ml
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – full size
  • Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm 10g
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant 30ml
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
  • Dr Barbara Sturm Faced Cream


While last year I was most excited about the skincare box and could not wait and did not wait more than a few minutes before purchasing it, this year I am less excited. There are good items included in the Skincare edit, there is no doubt about that. However, I feel like there is nothing truly exciting and that they’ve played it rather safely.

  • The Dr. Barbara Sturm is a nice moisturizer and perfect for the colder months. However, it feels like any plain moisturizer out there with the exception that this one costs several times more.
  • The Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant seems to be a constant feature even though it does not really work on as many people as we have been made to believe. Finally, people who do not get along with it started speaking out more and more so hopefully we will begin to see another product from the brand included in such offers. Yes, I do not enjoy the product at all and feel like it does nothing good to my skin, but that is not my reason for wanting it gone. If it works for you then that is great, but don’t you wish to try more products from this overhyped brand?
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid is a super affordable product that all of us can get without it being part of an offer. It adds basically no value to this entire set. I am pretty sure that most of us have tried at some point or another, especially when the brand first launched and the hype bang. Personally, I feel like this is one of the worst HA serums of all the overhyped ones, the texture is thick and sticky even if the ingredients are good. It works, but the stickiness is hard to ignore.
  • Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is an interesting and rather good product. It is on the thicker side but it works most of the time, but luckily winter is coming so it works even better during the colder months, especially for those that have oily skin and might not get along with it during other seasons. Personally, I truly enjoyed using this product in the past. Pity that Cult Beauty included the smallest size available and you won’t get many uses out of it. A week at max.

Overall, the box is not bad, but there is really nothing exciting about it either. If the price tag on this box will be over £20, then it is not worth it in my opinion.

Cult Beauty Luxury Christmas Edit 2022 – £85 (worth £560) – Buy Soon Here


  • Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip 15ml – full size
  • Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream 7ml – deluxe size
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream – travel size
  • Bioeffect EGF Serum – travel size
  • La Bouche Rouge Eyebrow Serum Gel – full size
  • De Mamiel Essential Eye Fix 10ml – full size
  • Espa Relaxing Salt Scrub 700g – full size
  • Oskia Liquid Mask 30ml – full size
  • The Nue Co. Defence Drops – full size
  • Verso Hydration Serum 30ml – full size


This is an interesting luxury beauty box! I can’t believe all the high-end brands that are included. There’s something for everyone, and this would make a great gift for most beauty lovers.

However, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. I was expecting it to be on par with last year’s version. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The products included don’t quite live up to the hype, and the overall value of the box is not really there either. The high value is due to a few products that came in very small sizes and some of the products we have seen many times before.

Still, this is a great box to introduce each one of us to some new brands and products that I maybe we would have not otherwise tried. And who knows, maybe next year’s box will be better!

Overall, it is still worth a try especially if you manage to overlap it with a beauty gift with purchase. Plus, while the value is given by a couple of products, there are still quite a few new products to try here and to discover and determine whether you wish to have them in your stash from now on, and all this at a lower price than last year.


Cult Beauty Make Up Christmas Edit 2022 – £50 (worth £125+) – Buy Here


  • Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel – travel size
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in shade Pillow Talk – deluxe size
  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour – Strike A Rose 1.64g – full size
  • Nudestix Splashproof Mascara – Black 12ml – full size
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original 10ml – full size
  • Vieve The Essential Eyeshadow Palette – full size


This is not a box for me as makeup is not on my radar, not anymore. I am all about skincare these days but this is not a bad box despite it not being one for me.

In terms of the products, I have the following comments:

  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour – Strike A Rose is a beautiful rose gold color that will add a touch of glamour to any look. The formula is very creamy and easy to apply, and it lasts all day without smudging or fading (much). A good eye primer helps and luckily you also get one of those in this box.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in shade Pillow Talk – This lipstick is my current go-to for a natural-looking lip. The color is a perfect nude for my skin tone and it applies smoothly, without feeling too heavy or drying.

Overall, the box is nice and may appeal to makeup lovers, but it is indeed a bit too pricey for what it is and given its value. Unlike you want every single product here, you won’t benefit from it and won’t get a “good deal”.

Cult Beauty Fragrance Christmas Edit 2022 – £70 (worth £180) – Buy Here Soon


  • CRA-YON Continental 10ml – deluxe size
  • Fugazzi Fragrances Goudh 2ml – sample size
  • Gisou Deluxe Hair Perfume – sample size
  • Huda Beauty Kayali Déjà Vu White Flower 57 10ml – travel size
  • Ilapothecary Beat The Blues Room Spray 50ml – full size
  • Jo Loves Candle
  • Nest New York Driftwood & Chamomile Votive 60g – travel size


This fragrance box is not quite what I had in mind, but I have to say that this is my favorite box so far. This box is not just for a beauty lover, but for anyone who loves nice scents. Not only do you get a series of high-end fragrances and some mid-range fragrances to try, but also three products to get your house smelling nice and ready for the holidays.

I have not tried any of the products so I am unable to comment on this occasion, but I do love the box as a concept and it seems like a great gift to give anyone who loves scents, as indicated in the first paragraph of this comments section. However, the fact remains that once again in terms of valuer price, this box could have done much much better.

Cult Beauty Grooming Christmas Edit 2022 – £30 (worth £165) – buy here


  • Bad Norwegian Roll Deo – full size
  • Elemis TFM Daily Moisture Boost – deluxe size
  • Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 Body Wash
  • Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil – full size
  • Mario Badescu Gentle Foaming Cleanser – full size
  • Peace Out Pores – deluxe size
  • Ruffians Hair Cream – full size
  • Verso Super Facial Serum – deluxe size


This new Cult Beauty Grooming Christmas Edit is a nice addition to their lineup this year! While all boxes work for men as well, it is nice that Cult Beauty decided to create something specifically for men. All in the name of inclusivity…

Luckily, product-wise, the box does seem to have a nice variety of items. I see a facial cleanser, a retinol treatment, a hair cream, a body wash, and more. I think that this box could be a nice gift for someone who is into skincare and grooming or even someone who is just starting to get into it!

Cult Beauty Hair Care Christmas Edit 2022 – £40 (worth £180+) – Buy Here


  • Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo 59ml – travel size
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 59ml – travel size
  • We Are Paradoxx Moisture Heat Protect Spray 100ml – full size
  • Invisibobble Sprunchie Slim – Bella Chrome – full size
  • Monpure Hydrate & Soothe Scalp Serum – full size
  • Virtue One for All 6-in-1 Styler Cream 60ml – travel size
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 75ml – travel size
  • Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt 75ml – travel size
  • Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 20ml – deluxe size

Are you excited about the new Cult Beauty Christmas boxes?

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  1. o

    Yeah, the Skincare Edit is not interesting for me either.
    I’m most curious about the perfume box, but since the Hut Group seems to have a deal with L’Oréal and it’s only their perfume in Look Fantastic boxes, I suspect here will also be a selection of their brands (Armani, Maison Margiela, YSL, Mugger, etc)

  2. o

    Local LF website carries them (both PL and FR). From the UK they don’t ship fragrance, as far as I know.
    I have never gotten any, though. Was never interested.

    1. Nana

      Oh right. Yeah, I never found them on my local website. But could jot order them from CB either when they had similar boxes and CB does deliver pretty much anything to the EU, including boxes where one component is a fragrance. We shall see… bad start though.

  3. Emma Norris

    I also am really disappointed with the skincare box this year! Last years was really impressive and made such a lovely gift, I wouldn’t gift this one! As you say the ordinary serum is nothing special (price wise) I also feel there’s not enough variety, 2 cleansers, 2 plain face creams, they could have done 1 cleanser/ream and added an eye cream or retinol instead to make it more of a routine. My fingers are crossed that the luxury one will be better. It’s also frustrating that they are not giving any release dates this year, it would be good to know for financial/budgeting purposes what date they go on sale, they did the same with the advent calendar this year, not sure why they aren’t telling us the release dates!

    1. Nana

      I know! It would have been nice to have a more complex routine box rather that several products with similar purposes. I also hope for a much more interesting luxury box but I honestly do not think we are going to get it given how disappointing most offers have been lately. If I do find out lore about the boxes, I will share as soon as possible so do stay tuned 🙂 thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts!

  4. o

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the fragrance box, I like it best from the selection too. I find the price discouraging, though, because its twice-ish as expensive when the value is similar to the others.

    I would also like a whole routine in a skincare box.

      1. Emma

        The fragrance and luxury boxes do look quite good however they’re showing as ‘join waitlist’ for me, all the others seem to be available?

      2. Nana

        Yes, they will be available shortly. They released the notification before all of them were available, but more became available in the last two hours. I am sure the rest will launch immediately. Keep on refreshing the page and they should be up soon 🙂 best of luck in getting the boxes you wish

      3. o

        I don’t think I’ll be getting any of the boxes. The fragrance one is too expensive for what it is. I’ve only had a Nest votive once and it was a nice tiny candle, nothing too powerfully smelling either. I’ve heard good things about Kayali but have yet to try. So overall the box would be nice for me but not for £70.

      4. Nana

        Honestly, same here. That is the box that caught my attention the most but have no need for it really. Want a Gisou fragrance and a mini to have on hand but nothing else I really need. Kayali is nice actually but it depends on scents. Got some samples from a Sephora advent calendars around three years ago but have yet to finish them so nothing to get obsessed over if I honestly forgot all about them till now. Not that big of a problem that I get to save some more money…

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