My Little Box November 2022 Review

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I know that it is already the end of November, but what can one do? When I have to have my Little Box forwarded to me, it sometimes takes a bit longer to receive my parcels. Not that the My Little Box gets delivered super early to begin with. Then it takes a while to get some photos and even more to sit down as I am now, to write this article up. Hope that you will enjoy reading about the latest edition of My Little Box even if it is nearly December.

My Little Box November 2022 Contents


  • The Body Shop Body Butter Tin in Almond Milk 50ml (scent was chosen by me one month in advance)
  • Innisfree Youth Enhancing Cream with Black Tea 20ml
  • My Little Beauty Ocean Eyes – Eye Contour Serum Cream 30ml


  • pair of socks perfect for hiking or forrest stroll
  • silicone tea infuser in the shape of an acorn


  • My Little Box x The Body Shop Refillable Product Bottle
  • €10 voucher for the Body Shop
my little box November - contents
my little box November - contents


Once again, My Little Box surprised me quite a bit, as it always has, ever since the first box I got from them back in 2014. Each edition of the My Little Box is unique and the contents is pretty unexpected.

In over 30 boxes I got over the years, I do not recall ever getting doubles of anything. Plus, as you can see above, the products are not exactly ones you would necessarily expect to find just because they have been included in so many beauty boxes or offers. That is because they usually haven’t.

When I first looked at this box I had mixed feelings. It happens more often than I would like, but I try to keep an open mind as I often ended up falling in love with editions of this subscription box that I was uncertain about at first. The same thing happened as far as the November 2022 box is concerned.

I get that November is a weird month so trying to curate a box for this month can be a bit tricky, especially if you are in Europe where we do not have Thanksgiving or any other major “commercial” celebrations, at least as far as I know. It is still autumn for sure, but it is not the first month you think of when the word autumn comes up. However, I do believe that My Little Box nailed it with this “Into the woods” edition. Not to be confused with the musical though.

The reason why I struggled at first with this box is that the concept does not represent me, not anymore and it hasn’t for a very long time now. However, despite finding a pair of socks that while super interesting and very giftable are not my cup of tea, I can actually see the appeal in the rest of the products included.

my little box November - socks

Finding socks in a subscription box is not super expected, not when it is not a clothing or socks subscription box, but it fits in well with the concept. I do love the tights commercialised by My Little Box sister brand but those would have not worked here. Plus, this is not the first time I got an article of clothing from the brand – I still have a T-Shirt from them that is super cute and comfy.

The socks are made of recycled cotton, polyester and some elastane. I could have done without the polyester but the socks do feel like nice quality and are perfect for hiking books but also for staying in, curled up with a book near a window sort of thing. The socks come with an inscription on the side – No Mountain (&) High Enough. I could not see an actual size, but they seem small enough for someone wearing a UK4 (37 EU) and large enough for someone wearing a UK 5.5/6 (38.5/39 EU). I won’t keep these though as I prefer my paws in white and haven’t worn coloured socks since I was like 8, but I will try to find them a nice home with someone who will enjoy them.

Now the silicone acorn tea infuser, on the other hand, that one I will definitely keep. I am a tea drinker (nowadays more than ever as I have a horrible cold – never had one such as this one despite having gone through freshers and living on an international campus for four years). The tea diffuser is incredibly cute and needed actually as my previous tea infuser is a bit rusty and definitely not one I want in my mug anymore. I kept on planning on buying a new one, but it never happened so yeah, I am excited to be using the one provided by My Little Box.

my little box November - tea infuser in the shape of an acorn

In terms of beauty products, well I am beyond happy with what I received. Innisfree is a beauty brand I got to love in recent months, but one you need to trial first. The products from Innisfree are a bit strange when it comes to the texture so it takes some getting used to, but if you give them a shot, you might just fall in love with them. I got used to the whole expecting to find a strange texture bit, but still prefer to get a trial size before making a commitment. I have high hopes for this cream though and look forward to using it.

my little box November - the body shop

The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Butter is a product that I have not used before, but I do love the scent which is why I am glad that this product was one I got to choose. Well, they asked me for the scent I wanted so I got to choose that and not the actual product, but good enough for me. I got to pick something I knew I could enjoy.

And as for the My Little Beauty product, you may be sceptical, but I am also looking forward to its turn in my routine. My Little Beauty has many incredible skincare products and even makeup products. They seem to have given up on some of their best products (in my opinion) along with their cute branding, but the new discoveries have been quite good as well so I am excited about the eye contour serum/cream thingy included in this edition of the box.

my little box November - refill bottle

As for the extra bits, well that is a bit tricky. I wish they would have provided a filled-in bottle from the Body Shop if they insisted on providing one. It would have not even mattered what kind of product it was. Now I am stuck with an empty bottle I cannot get refiled.

The bottle is super nice though so I do wish there were a way to fill it as supposed. As far as I know, there are no such facilities in my country, but even if there were, I do not have a local Body Shop. At least the back of the bottle has space for a label (I assume you get a label when you fill it up to have the required info on the bottle) so I can just turn it around to that side, and fill it with soap or something and use it for a different product.

The voucher is a nice addition and I assume they provided it in case you wish to fill up your bottle, but yeah… I do not live in France. I could place an online order and have it forwarded to me, but as you can imagine it makes no sense to do so.

*If you live in France and would like a €10 voucher for the Body Shop, email me. There is only one such voucher so the first reader who emails me gets to have it. Do not hesitate as there are not that many of you visiing from France :)”

Back to these extra products included, they are a nice addition to the box and they would have been greatly appreciated by me as well had I been living in France. The box is intended for a French audience after all.

Overall, I do not regret my purchase and look forward to future editions of My Little Box. Hopefully, I will get to review the next boxes in time and not pull a one yes, one no as I have since I subscribed.

What do you think of this new edition of the My Little Box?

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