So Cult Beauty screwed me over…

*UPDATE: you can read all about the Summer 2020 Goody Bag here. Things have changed in the last year or so…I will explain soon why I got over the hurt.

If you recall, I was super excited last week when Cult Beauty UK finally released its latest goody bag. It had been a while since a new goody bag was released and as I decided to skip the previous one, I really wanted one so that I would have excuse to try new products without any of the guilt.

I was a bit hesitant to get the Founders Goody Bag since there were hardly any full sized products, but there were some really great products inside nonetheless. I wanted something new to play with to boost my morale and then, there was the whole curiosity issue so I went for it. I decided to place an order to qualify for the goody bag. If only things had worked out the way they were supposed to…

The order finally arrived in my possession and guess what? The Founders goody bag was not included. I was shocked! This had not happened before, not even with Harvey Nichols where I was unable to add the gift to my basket and had to call them to ensure that I would get the gwp.

I postponed writing this article as I was so freaking mad. I still am, but I wanted to offer the brand the benefit of the doubt. I contacted customer service and reached out via Instagram as well. On instagram they sent me back to their customer service team and via email, they never replied.

However, I am not the only person who had to go through this. There were many comments on social media from people who were missing part or their order and/or part of the goody bag. Also, a few others just like me, were missing the goody bag altogether.

You can hopefully still find the comments if you are interested in verifying what I just said. The reason I decided not to include screenshots is in order to protect the privacy of those who commented. I do not have their consent to post their comments here so I won’t.

Apparently, Cult Beauty did get back to some people whose orders were incomplete and they did sent them the items they were missing from the order, the items the customers paid for, but they never sent the items missing from the goody bags or the goody bags.

This is incredibly disappointing and I am honestly disgusted by the brand’s behaviour. I spend thousands of pounds on their shop every single year and this is the treatment I get? I placed my order shortly after they announced it thus why I only posted here a few hours after its release. The item was automatically placed in my shopping cart and it even shows on my delivery papers. However, the reason why I am so upset is not the lack of the goody bag, but by the brands behaviour. If you mess up, you at least should have the decency to get back to your customers and to apologise.

I had so much trust in Cult Beauty and they lost that trust entirely in matter of seconds. I understand that mistakes happen, but the lack of an apology and effort to make up for it is not excusable in my book. I am sorry, but I don’t see myself shopping there anytime soon. I won’t say never, but I will try my best to avoid the shop by going directly to the brands that manufacture the products I want or find alternatives.

As for my current order, I decided to keep some items – the Activated Charcoal, the Orgasm Lip Balm from Nars as I was going to buy it this week anyway and the CBD drops from Disciple. There is nothing wrong with the other three products, but I only got them now because of the goody bag. I can repurchase them from someone else some other time. They are also worth around 130 GBP and I want my money back to give it to some other retailer who still has my trust.

I am sorry this happened, but I wanted to share it with all of you as I find it unfair and you need to know what one of your favourite brands is capable of. I hope that I have not upset any of you.