Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Yesterday I might have posted a review that upset a few people who were looking to get their hands on Milk Makeup products in the near future. I wish I could tell you now that this review will be different, but then where would the fun be? Read the rest to find out whether the Cooling Water stick falls in the same category as the Brightening Watermelon Clay Mask stick.

The Cooling Water caught my attention right away and I remember thinking just how useful this product would be during a heat wave. On this account, I am glad to report that I was right. This product would have been the most amazing thing last summer when the temperature was incredibly high. Thus, the Cooling Water does not disappoint and it actually does what it says in the bottle, or rather stick in this case.

Furthermore, the Cooling Water stick from Milk Makeup feels incredibly nice on the skin. Well, it does until it doesn’t. Once you apply it, the Cooling Water stick feels cool and refreshing, but afterwards there is this thin layer that of product that just stays on the skin. It does not fully absorb so it feels weird. As you continue to reapply the product thought the day though, the layer becomes thicker and a bit sticky. I don’t like it personally.


The product is also meant to help de-puff your eyes due to its caffeine content, but I have not seen any such effect. I honestly did not see any benefits whatsoever from the use of this product. Even the cooling sensation does not last enough for the stick to be worthy.

Furthermore, I did not find the stick to be moisturising at all. I cannot see myself applying make up over it ever. However, I do like to apply this over makeup. I like to apply it instead of highlighter as some sort of face gloss. The effect once again does not last very long, but it looks pretty! If you attempt this, I would be careful if I were you. Make sure that your foundation can withstand this without moving placed. If you foundation tends to move around when using this type of products on top, I suggest dabbing some product using your finger.

Overall, it is a great product to have in heatwave. The few seconds the cooling feeling lasts are very precious when you cannot handle the heat anymore. If the caffeine in this stick works for you then it would be a great addition to your bag, however that was not my case. This product did not lead to any pretty results for me and just for the faint cooling effect, the price is not worth it. I wish I could tell you to buy this product and that it is amazing, as amazing as instagram made us believe it is, but it is not.

And sadly, I do have to add that I reacted to this product as well. The reaction was not quite the same as with the Brightening Watermelon Mask, but I did feel some itchiness and on my arm I developed some small bumps that went away in a couple of hours after use. This is really uncommon for me as I have no known allergies and I test tens of products each month, for real! Similarly to the ask, this also has Stearic Acid used for thickening the product so that it can live in a stick format. This is an ingredient that I have not seen in any of the products I commonly use. I will need to research this more, but this is the ingredient that stood out to me. If that is the case, then most of the product from Milk Makeup are not for me.





  1. danniijane

    I got this and I used it on the plane to hydrate my skin. I had like you described, a nice cool feeling then my skin felt tacky! I used this round my eyes with another cooling gel in the morning. It’s okay but not great😊 x

    1. Nana

      thank you for sharing your experience! I am quite curious just how many people really like the brand. It had such a huge build up, similarly to Glossier, but I find that those brands that make less fuss about their products and sometimes go unnoticed compared to the new hot Insta worthy brands are so much better.

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