Are beauty advent calendars worth it?

Two years ago I purchased more than 10 beauty advent calendars. Last year, I only got two. These calendars ranged from very high end to drugstore and I want to share with all of you what I learnt.

The great thing about beauty advent calendars

Beauty advent calendars are great and they look amazing. Furthermore, there is the whole excitement of opening each door or drawer or even tiny box, depending on the layout, however is there actually more to it? Of course there is.

Beauty advent calendars are usually and I want to stress usually full of great products that have a higher value than the actual price. There are a few exceptions, but one can argue that you get can your value from those in a different way eg. trying out some products before making a purchase. Furthermore, beauty advent calendars are the easy way out for when you have no idea what to get someone, but they do look pretty impressive so there is that. However, yes there is one of these as well.. read below.

Should you get a beauty advent calendar?

Beauty advent calendars being worth it and you having to buy one are two different things, or they can be. While you get to discover new brands, there is quite an overlap when it comes to beauty advent calendars as well as gifts with purchase so it might not make much sense to get one in this case. Furthermore, you might not be interested in all the products so despite the whole excitement, it can easily feel like a waste of money.

However, the main reason beauty advent calendars are not worth the money in my personal opinion is due to the fact that you could spend the same amount or less and get more value in a different way. How?

What to get instead of a beauty advent calendar?

The answer is very simple. Instead of an advent calendar you should get the amazing gifts with purchase that stores like Space.NK, Cult Beauty, Harvey Nichols and less frequently Liberty and Harrods have on offer.

Why you should get a beauty gift with offer instead of a beauty advent calendar

The main reason why you should go for the beauty gift with purchase rather a beauty advent calendar is pretty simple and frankly, incredibly obvious. With beauty gifts with purchase you usually get to spend a similar amount of that you would have spent on a calendar, but at least you get to choose some 4-5 full sized products you know you love or are very curious to try. On top of those products that YOU get to choose, you also get a rather large gift that is worth quite a lot, usually the same as some advent calendars if not more. I mean, the Harvey Nichols gift with purchase from a few weeks ago was worth more than £800 and you only had to spend £195, but you got the £800 value of the gift plus the one of the purchase you made.

Overall, you are better off with gifts with purchase. This is just one example, but that is usually the case with all of the ones I mentioned above. And to top it all, the products from the gift are usually very similar to the ones in the beauty advent calendars. In fact, from my experience from the last two years, I can honestly say that you are very likely to find the sample sample sized products for the most part.

Hope you agree with me and this article helped you decide either way, but most of all, do what makes you happy and make sure that whatever you decide to do, you won’t regret it one bit. Have fun shopping!

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