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ColourPop By the Bushel Lippie Scrub

Not that long ago I talked about the By the Bushel lippie balm from ColourPop, now it is time to discuss its companion  –  the By the Bushel lippie scrub.

We all know just how important a lip balm is in making our lips feel comfortable. However, lip scrubs also play an important role that should not be ignored. Just as you remove the dead skin from all over your body and face, your lips also need a bit of extra TLC. If you want to achieve perfectly smooth and hydrated lips, that is. You cannot just put layer not op of layer of product and expect a miracle when not all of it gets absorbed.

Now that we know a bit more about why having a lip scrub is essential in our lip care routine, let’s talk about lip scrubs in more detail.

There are many lip scrubs out there and with many different textures. I should know! I tried many of them. However, there have been only a few that I actually liked.

Some scrubs leave an incredibly greasy residue, some are too harsh, others need to be washed off as they are not edible…You get my point.

In my pursuit of finding the perfect scrub, I decided to give the By the Bushel from ColourPop a try. Hopefully by now you know just how much I love the brand so when this cutie came out, I knew I had to try it. There was no way I was going to miss out on playing with the lippie scrub.

Was the ColourPop By the Bushel Lippie Scrub worth it?

Yes. It was totally worth it.

By the Bushel Lippie Scrub Review

The first thing I noticed about the By the Bushel lippie scrub was that the fragrance was the same sweet strawberry one as the one of its SO, aka the lippie balm.

I was incredibly glad about that as I am obsessed with the fragrance. The product smells so good the you just want to eat it.

Before we move onto whether the previous statement is actually true when put into practice, let’s discuss texture.

lippie scrub by the bushel colourpop

The texture of the By the Bushel Lippie Scrub is that of a melted sugar. There is no doubt that the product feels sugary, but it is also very different from your usual sugar based scrub, This one is so much more gentle to the touch and also on the lips.

The scrubbing particles are also significantly smaller so that they can truly scrub away all the dead cells.

However, I would advise against using too much product as it can make the lips feel incredibly sensitive. Just a tiny bit of product is more than enough.

Now, let’s get back to whether the product is good enough to eat. Hmm. let’s just say that it definitely smells better than it tastes. Don’t get me wrong. I tried scrubs that were considerably more awful to taste, but still, this one smells better than it tastes. However, the taste is acceptable and a bit sweet. I am not head over heels about it, but I don’t particularly mind it either.

The one thing that I was not super happy about is that despite the shea butter, cupuacu butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, the scrub is not super nourishing and I feel the need to quickly apply the lippie balm  (or any other lip balm) on top soon after use.


Key information about the By the Bushel Lippie Scrub

  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • sweet
  • edible
  • nice fragrance
  • very effective


Overall, the By the Bushel lippie scrub leaves my lips feeling smooth, but there is definitely a need for a lip balm application after use. However, this is one product that I would use again and again. And I am using it. Each time I feel the need to use a lip scrub, the By the Bushel lippie scrub is the one I reach for. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this product is my favourite lip scrub so far.

Where can you buy the By the Bushel Lippie Scrub?

The lippie scrub is available on (non affiliate).

If you were wondering how you can get your hands on ColourPop in the UK, then let me tell you that is has never been easier. Read here everything you need to know about ordering from ColourPop in the UK.


*Photo credit: Hello Beautiful Media

**Photo background: a page from an Allure magazine.


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