Crystal Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown

We all love a crystal clear lip gloss around here, don’t you? But you know what we love even more? Bobbi Brown. The brand is simply the best. So this ought to be good, right? Let’s see.

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss is a product that I wanted to buy the moment it first landed on ASOS. Luckily for me, I waited and I ended up with one anyway from the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. But it was in the 2018 edition and not the 2019 that  have been talking about so much on this blog. Not even now, in the new year, I cannot seem to stop talking about it. That is on me for not finishing all the reviews in time.

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Some info about the Crystal Lip Gloss

Well, as the name implies and the photos show, the gloss is clear. This makes it very suitable to be worn on top of your favourite lipstick, but it can easily be worn alone. The Crystal Lip Gloss is also high shine so you might want to avoid it if you are not into ultra glossy lips.

How do I feel about the Crystal Lip Gloss?

I am pretty happy with the results, if I am being honest. The gloss is shiny, but it looks very pretty both by itself and on top of other lipsticks. Most of all, it is perfect for the holiday season and it gives the impression that my lips are bigger. They might be because there is a slight tingling, but nothing compared to the one caused by plumping lip glosses. I cannot guarantee this, but my lips do look bigger when I have this product on.

The Crystal Lip Gloss is pretty long lasting as well. I licked my lips, had something to drink and there was still some product left on. This is pretty rare with glosses nowadays so colour me impressed.

One thing that I do not love, but I got used to it, is the fact that the gloss is pretty sticky upon application. The stickiness goes away after a while, well some of it does anyway. Not all. The gloss is also quite gummy after it dries, but it is not that weird and I got used to it, but it was a strange sensation at first.

There is nothing much to add, overall the gloss works. Another thing I feel the need to add is that the gloss applicator is not as easy to use as the brand implies. A regular liquid lipstick applicator/doe foot applicator  would have been nice as that way you can control the amount that goes onto the lips as well as where exactly the product lands. I really do not want to end up with too much product on, especially not in the corners of my mouth. That trend should stay where it belongs; in the past!

Overall, the product is pretty good and I am really happy that I got the chance to try it. I love using this gloss and I do reach for it quite often, especially when I do not really want a full glam look. It is fast to apply and it is very convenient in terms of formula and colour and look and basically everything else. The one issue I have is with the applicator, but I can look past it as there are ways around it. The Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss looks pretty and it is high quality so if you are looking to buy a clear lip gloss then this is definitely a contender (I am indeed implying that there are others).


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