How to improve skin moisture retention with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s Remedies Skin Moisture Solution concentrate is a product I have seen all over the place and then it just vanished. I still saw it in stores, but haven’t noticed it in any magazines after its initial launch. When it first came out, it caught my attention, but afterwards I decided that it was probably a bit too expensive for what it was. In the end, I did get my hands on it, but it was from Harrods’ Beauty Advent Calendar 2017.

bobbi brown bobbi brown

As you can imagine I was really happy when I saw this product inside the advent calendar! I was finally getting the chance to try a product from the collection and particularly a product that my skin can actually benefit from.

I have areas on my face that are dehydrated and require more moisture than others. More often than not, a moisturiser alone won’t do the trick so I tend to turn to serums as they are more potent.

Bobbi Brown Remedies Moisture Concentrate

bobbi brown

The first few weeks after using the product I noticed that my skin was more hydrated,. However , the product is also sticky and spreading the product on the skin is not as easy as it dries quickly. Not a lot of playing time! Also, a lot of product is needed which is not very okay given the price.

On the other hand, the concentrate does not help only temporarily, it helps in the long run as well as improve the ability of your skin to retain moisture! After using it for a couple of weeks, I have seen clear results.

I no longer needed as much product. My skin was clearly more hydrated and the Bobbi Brown Remedy concentrate helped my skin absorb more moisture. Truly! However, I believe it was mostly due to the fact that my skin was absorbing more moisturiser. The Bobbi Brown Remedy Concentrate made my moisturiser work better.

Overall, I think that the Skin Moisture Concentrate from the Remedies collection created by Bobbi Brown is a good product and it actually does what it says on the box. However there are other products out there that help you achieve similar results and are less pricey- eg. The Ordinary. That being said, I still want to try another one of the remedies, but I haven’t decided which one!

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