Best hyaluronic acid serum by Dr Sebagh

Who doesn’t love a good hyaluronic acid serum? I know I do. Since I discovered the Serum Repair from Dr. Sebagh two years ago, I haven’t looked back.

Ever since I discovered Dr Sebagh, I finished around three bottles of it. I loved it that much and I will tell you why below. But first, I have to say that I tried other serums with hyaluronic acid during this time to see whether I would be able to find one that could replace Dr. Sebagh and I was unable to do so.

You might wonder why I wanted to find another serum with hyaluronic acid if I already found a magnificent one. The answer is quite simple, The Dr Sebagh Serum Repair is pretty pricey. However, I managed.

How did I manage to get the Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair for less?

I got the Serum Repair from Dr Sebagh in beauty advent calendars. However, I also made sure to attend events where I knew that the product would be part of the goody bags. But most importantly, the product has been part of beauty boxes.

The point is that when you want to get your hands on more expensive beauty products a good way to do that is to look for other opportunities. I know I was lucky enough to find these opportunities, but there really are quite a lot of them out there so keep your eyes wide open. There will still be a cost, but you might just get the product for less and get some more to go with it.

Don’t worry. I will definitely help with your search. You might want to follow me on Instagram as there is where I post most offers I find.

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What do I like about the Serum Repair from Dr. Sebagh?

The hyaluronic acid serum is incredibly great at helping your skin retain its moisture. While the product does not add moisture by itself, it helps your other products work better.

Furthermore, the serum is not incredibly light but it does not leave you with any oily residues nor any stickiness. In fact, the Serum Repair from Dr. Sebagh helped my pores seem smaller and my natural oiliness to diminish significantly. Now my previously oily skin does not produce as much oil anymore and this not only helps my makeup look better, but also leads to less acne. The effect was long lasting as it stayed put even after I interrupted the treatment.

Overall, my skin looked better which helped me understand why the product is an award winning one. Furthermore, this is the only hyaluronic serum that helped me achieve these results. While I have used other hyaluronic acid products that helped me improve the level of moisture retention of my skin, I failed to see any long term improvements nor did my oiliness improve from any of them.

How do I use the Serum Repair with Hyaluronic Acid from Dr. Sebagh?

The serum is pretty easy to use. After cleaning, I apply a couple of drops or as much as it is needed, both in the morning and at night, before other treatments/moisturisers.

However, remember to only apply the product on clean skin.

Conclusions and final thoughts

Overall, there is honestly no other hyaluronic acid serum I can recommend more and I have tried quite a few. This Serum Repair from Dr. Sebagh is simply amazing both in its apparent simplicity and the effects it has on one’s skin.

You will love it, trust me!

Where can you buy the Dr Sebagh Serum Repair?

Do you have a favourite HA serum that you think we should try?


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