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How to get Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker and Mini Breaker Palettes for Less

As you probably know, the controversial YouTubber and beauty guru, Jeffree Star has launched his new summer collection.

I have only seen swatches and I am in love. This is my favourite collection yet.


The Jawbreaker collection is the one I can get the most value from really. I loved some of Jeffree’s past collections, but the colours included in the palettes were ones that no matter how much I loved, I knew that I would never wear.

That is not the case this time. For the first time ever, Jeffree’s palettes are much more suitable for my needs.

However, the price is a bit up there. And if you are like me and don’t use eyeshadow all that often then it is even harder to justify the expense. But, whether you feel like the price is a bit too high or you simply love a bargain then I have a solution.

I found a way in which you can get your hands on the Jawbreaker palette and the Mini Breaker palette for a bit less. The offer is not the best offer I have ever seen for a beauty product, but every pound counts when you have an addiction for pretty things.

jeffree star jawbreaker

Where can I buy the Jawbreaker Jeffree Star palettes for less?

At Beautylish.

Beautylish is an American online beauty retailer. Yes, I know, but hear me out.

On the Beautylish website you can get the two palettes – the Jawbreaker and the Mini Breaker as a bundle for only 75 USD, excluding tax. With tax, your total would be 90 USD.

That might sound like a lot and I am not going to lie, it is a lot. However, 90 USD roughly translates to 70 GBP (depending on your bank exchange rates) which is less than if you were to buy the two palettes in the UK.

In the UK, the price for the two palettes is 79 GBP.

Like I said, the discount is not that big, but it might be worth it for some of you. Think about the one extra product you could get with those 9 GBP.

Also, if you were to place an order on Beautylish, who is not to say that you won’t be tempted to try another product that is not available in the UK for example.

This saving is applicable only if you are to purchase the two palettes together or if you were to get some other products from the website so that you can distribute some of the tax charged.

If you decide to take up this offer then you might have to wait a bit longer for your products to arrive. Some of you might consider this a bit of a drawback.

If you don’t want to wait or you find that approximately 9 GBP is not worth the hassle, then you can get the two palettes from BeautyBay. This way you won’t have to wait and if you join their Tribe then you can also accumulate some reward points.

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