OPI Pro Spa Softening Gloves

OPI Pro Spa Advanced Softening Gloves

The OPI Advanced Softening Gloves  are a pair of single use gloves that are filled with ultra-moisturizing macadamia and coconut oils, as well as nourishing vitamin E and shea butter. The purpose of the product is to soften the skin.

Do the gloves really do that?

Yes, the OPI Advanced Softening gloves actually did manage to soften my hands. They even helped with a tiny rough bit I have on my finger from struggling to open too many water bottles.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well it is and it is not.

While the gloves from OPI do help with softening the skin, they don’t really do much more than a good hand cream does. However, the gloves are not as easy to use as you might think.


Once you open the packet, you might notice that the gloves are wet. They definitely should not be wet on the outside, but since the top of the finger bits come off, there is a bit of leakage. Furthermore, while the gloves from OPI are easy to take on, they are not as easy to fasten. I tried pulling on the green bits but the wetness combined with some strong glue really worked against me. It should not be that difficult to use a pretty straightforward product so that was quite disappointment. And referring back to the finger bits, the tops do come off even if you don’t plan to take them off to improve your hand mobility. The bits tend to tear from only wearing the gloves and not doing much.

There is not much more that I can say. Besides the softening of hands, there are no real positives that I can think of. Not even the fragrance is nice. The scent is pretty horrible. It is definitely not something I want on my hands.

Overall, I don’t recommend buying these gloves. You can just as easily apply a good hand cream and maybe even wear a pair of cotton beauty gloves on top to further soften the skin. That is not only cheaper, more effective but also better for the environment.

Have you tried any OPI Pro Spa products?


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